Alarm That Sends an Emergency Voice Message to up to 9 Contacts When it is Triggered

Skylink AD-105 Dial-Alert Emergency Dialer

Skylink AD-105 Dial-Alert Emergency Dialer
Item# 73087


Price: Normally $109.99
Hot Deal $100.10

The Dial-Alert Emergency Dialer allows you to record an emergency voice message up to 40 seconds. Once the alarm is triggered, the Emergency Dialer automatically dials up to nine emergency contacts. You can program pagers, cellular phones, landlines, etc. as emergency contacts. The Emergency Dialer uses a universal dial tone to adapt to voice systems of all phone companies, so you’ll be sure your emergency message gets through. Programmable pause time for pager access also ensures the message reaches its recipient. A programmable entry/exit delay helps prevents the alarm from being triggered by accident. A panic button makes the Emergency Dialer ideal for assistance, protection/security, or any other situations that might require immediate emergency notification.

The Emergency Dialer can be connected to up to 16 Skylink accessories (sold separately).

  • Allows up to 9 emergency telephone / pager numbers and dials each number up to 9 times
  • Automatically overrides the occupied line to make the emergency call
  • Universal Dial Tone adapts to voice systems of all phone companies
  • Powered by AC adapter with 9V alkaline battery backup (included)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Back-lit keypad
  • No monitoring fees
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    *Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change

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