Diode LED SH-0172 High Density Waterproof RGB LED Strip Light – 9 Foot Spool

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The High Density Waterproof RGB LED Strip Light creates ambiance with incredibly efficient, full-color LED lighting. These light strips can be used creatively indoors or outdoors in large spaces or rooms in need of some extra LED light. Add some drama to a large display case, shop window, restaurant, or bar. Or use these lightweight strip lights for special presentations or temporary displays that need to be eye-catching, as well as portable.

This strip is sold by the foot, so you can order the right amount for your lighting installation, whether it’s large or small. And the strip comes with a 3M adhesive backing, so mounting the strip on a smooth, dry surface is as easy as peeling and sticking. Although twice as bright as standard strips, this high density color ribbon light consumes less than 5 Watts of electricity per foot, so it’s energy-efficient in addition to being dynamic.

These multi-color strip lights are low profile and narrow, so they can go almost anywhere – in places that incandescent and fluorescent lights just don’t fit. Use these strip lights for accent lighting, under cabinet lighting, and home interior lighting, as well as for adding light to confined spaces such as coves, valences, doorways and other hard-to-light nooks and crannies. They even work for edge-lit glass decoration. High Density Waterproof RGB LED Strip Lights have a 120 degree wide-angle beam that ensures they light evenly and do not cast shadows on surfaces.

Not for sale by the foot – Spool sales only

Customize the Length to Fit you Application
These strips can be cut every third light. There are little scissor icons printed after every third light to make it easier for you to see where the strip can be cut

  • Twice as bright as standard LED strip lights
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Consumes 5W of electricity per foot
  • Perfect for hard-to-light doorways, and other nooks and crannies
  • Can be cut for a custom fit into each installation
  • Price: $249.99
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    Sensaphone IMS-4841 15A Current Sensor: Monitor up to 15A of Current with the IMS-4000 System

    Product Title (In box)

    The Sensaphone IMS-4841 15Amp Current Sensor lets you monitor current consumption of a particular device or circuit anywhere within you infrastructure. It reports the actual current flow in the circuit, allowing you to know the current draw from devices such as server racks, UPS and generators. Any failed generator starts are reported to you immediately. The IMS-4841 can monitor current from 0-15 amps over a voltage range from 0-250VAC 50/60Hz. The sensor comes with IEC320 C14 inlet and C13 outlet connectors.

  • Connects to a Host or Node with RJ-45 Jack
  • Sensor is automatically recognized and configured
  • Compatible with IMS-4000 System
  • Notification if disconnected
  • Price: $185.00
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    Deal of the Day!

    For those of you who love to bird watch or those who would love to, take advantage of this great deal! You can save $46.48! It contains a motion sensor which enables it to turn on when a bird comes into the field of view.

  • Brinno Inc BWCMAC130A BirdWatchCam
  • Brinno Inc BWCMAC130A BirdWatchCam
    Item# 5043
  • One Touch Laser targeting System
  • High Quality Zoomed Lens
  • High Quality Weather Resistant Camera
  • Auto Darkness Sensor forces camera into sleep mode at night
  • Small Size and Light Weight
  • Hot Deal $153.52
    Price: Normally $200.00

    *Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.

    Diode LED SH-0761 Wall Mount RGB Controller: Wirelessly Controls Multi-Color LED Devices from a Wall-Mounted or Handheld Remote

    Product Title (In box)

    The Wall Mount RGB Color Controller is an advanced wireless micro-control unit used for controlling any Diode LED full-color RGB LED lights. This package features the color controller, a lightweight wall-mounted wireless remote control, and a wireless handheld remote control, all of which allow you to change the mode, speed, and brightness of your full color LED lighting, whether LED strips, light bars, or RGB wall washers. With this wall mount unit, connection to your RGB fixtures and 12V or 24V DC power source is simple and fast. Just wire the positive and negative leads of your low voltage driver or adapter, and the three color wires and common positive wire of your color LED light to the main controller, and you’re ready to enjoy color-changing LEDs!

    All Diode LED color lights require a color controller to interface between the power source and the fixture, and this controller package has it all. The wireless Wall Mount RGB Controller features 21 color-changing modes, including 3 color flash, 7 color flash, fade, 2 color crossfade, and single color flashing, or you can choose one of 7 static colors. This multi-color LED controller also features a brightness control with 256 levels of brightness, and a speed control that has 100 levels. All of these features can be accessed by either of the included remotes, which also feature on/off switches.

    This low heat, low voltage LED accessory unlocks all the possibilities in color mood, whether for a party or special event; to create mood lighting in a living room, club, bar, or restaurant; or to add dynamic color-changing to any home or business.

  • Includes wireless wall-mounted and handheld remotes
  • 21 color-changing modes
  • Price: $49.99
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    Aleph America DC-1641W Press Fit Magnetic Contact – Alarm Contact Allows You to Secure the Most Vulnerable Parts of Your House

    Product Title (In box)

    The Aleph America DC-1641W Press Fit Magnetic Contact is a two-part device used to safeguard windows and doors. One part of the contact is a switch installed in the window or door jam; the other contains a magnet and is placed in the window or door itself. Installing magnetic contact allows you to keep an eye on any locations where an intruder might force their way in, any noticeable shift in contact with the switch results in an alarm. The Magnetic Contact has a 1″ wide gap press to fit leaded contact switch, and it is crush resistant.

  • Press Fit Magnetic Contact
  • Safeguard Windows and Doors
  • Crush Resistant
  • Price: $1.10
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    Aleph America DC-1813W Steel Door Magnetic Contact

    Aleph America DC-1814W Steel Door Magnetic Contact

    Prepare to Fall Back with these Products for Daylight Savings Time!

    With our nights getting darker a lot earlier these days, these products can help you prepare for Daylight Saving Time which will occur in November!

  • Outdoor Dusk-to-Dawn Plug-In Timer with Photocell
  • Outdoor Dusk-to-Dawn Plug-In Timer with Photocell (High Wattage)
    Item# 11259

    Hot Deal $19.98
    Price: Normally $21.99

    Customer Review:
    Product works fine. Has relieved me from resetting timers as seasons and/or power outages affect on/off times. Best feature is the 2-4-6 hour on time after dusk. WILLIAM — WASHOE VALLEY, NV

  • Programmable Wall Switch Timer
  • Programmable Wall Switch Timer
    Item# 11253

    Hot Deal $31.59
    Price: Normally $31.99

    It can control all your existing lights using the already built in
    daylight savings function, random function, and a countdown timer feature.

  • Dusk to Dawn Photocell Light Control
  • Dusk to Dawn Photocell Light Control
    Item# 25503

    Hot Deal $5.64
    Price: Normally $6.99

    The Dusk to Dawn Photocell Light Control screws into a lamp base, and its built-in photocell will automatically turn the attached light on at dusk and off at dawn. No additional wiring is required. Perfect for daylight saving time, and it saves you money by turning all your existing bulbs into dusk to dawn bulbs.

    *Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.

    Diode LED SH-0181 5 Foot Full Color LED Strip Light Plug-and-Play Kit, Remote-Controlled LED Light Strip Kit for Accent, Display, or Event Lighting

    Product Title (In box)

    The 5 Foot Full Color LED Strip Light Plug-and-Play Kit is an eco-friendly, full-color LED lighting installation that brings lots of style and color to a living room, rec room, home entertainment center, or to any bar, club, or special event. This low-profile and bright color-changing LED light strip kit has everything you need for making a super-looking color display, whether you’re just looking for something simple to install or need a color splash for a temporary event or party.

    These strips are ideal for lighting any space in a home, shop, or event space, as well as for adding light to confined spaces such as coves, valences, doorways and other hard-to-light nooks and crannies. They even work for edge-lit glass decoration. Accent lighting has never been this easy and exciting! Flexible RGB LED Strip Lighting has a wide 120 degree beam angle that ensures it lights evenly and does not cast shadows on surfaces.

    With a few connections, this kit is ready-to-use in many installations, such as:
    Restaurants, lounges, casinos, retail stores, and anywhere that requires color and pattern lighting to create a mood

    Lighting art and accent lighting

    Create an eye-catching display for trade show exhibits and office presentations

    Under cabinet lighting, bookshelves, cupboards, and drawers

    Coin-operated vending machines and arcade games

    Shop window displays and product display cases
    The included Spectrum RGB Color Controller has several RGB changing modes available and each mode has sixteen speeds and brightness levels that can be adjusted with the wireless remote control included with the unit. The Spectrum RGB Color Controller is the key that unlocks the endless varieties of dynamic lighting in our multi-color LED Strip. And this LED controller has memory! This means that you can cut the power to the unit and it will never forget the last function. The Wiser’s DC power plug connects directly to an adapter, and joins the LED light fixture by connecting the matching red, green, blue, and power wires at the terminal block attached to each controller.

  • Perfect for hard-to-light doorways and other nooks and crannies
  • Great for party or events and other temporary lighting installations
  • Includes wireless remote and EZ Connector for easy setup
  • Price: $159.99
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    Also Available in 10 feet version.