Install a Dual Rocker Switch to Control a Fan/Light Without Running Any Wire and Avoid Tearing into Walls

AD HOC Electronics E3T-S2AWH Wireless Dual Rocker Switch, White

The AD HOC Electronics Wireless Dual Rocker Switch is a battery-free wireless light switch that saves you time and hassle by eliminating the need for wires and switch boxes. When paired with two wireless relay receivers (sold separately) it is the ideal solution for adding independent operation of a ceiling light and fan into the space of one wall mounted dual rocker switch – without running any wires or needing to enter you walls! Because the light switch is a dual rocker, one rocker is programmed to the light receiver and the other is programmed to the fan receiver through a simple learning process. This battery-free wireless light switch saves you time and hassle by eliminating the need for wires and switch boxes. Traditionally the wireless light switch is surface mounted on a wall with screws or industrial tape but can also be used in a standard switch box or as a wireless hand held remote. The switch is powered by EnOcean technology that converts the press of the switch into a small amount of electricity. This electricity is used to transmit a radio frequency (RF) wireless signal that communicates with the relay receiver. Perfect when replacing a single light with a new light/fan combo. Easily control the light and fan separately without the hassle of installing a second switch and running new wires.

  • Fast, simple installation. No wires. No batteries. No hassle.
  • Control a ceiling fan and light separately via radio frequency (RF) via a wireless switch
  • Self-powered wireless light switch provides its own power using a built-in microgenerator
  • Dual rocker design of light switch offers independent control of relay receivers (sold separately)
  • Wireless transmission range up to 98 feet
  • Wirelessly communicates with other devices via EnOcean radio frequency (RF) protocol
  • Price: $74.43
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    Give Your Home a Lived-In Look and Deter Burglars While You Are Away

    Woods 59202 Indoor 7-Day Mechanical Vacation Timer

    The Woods 59202 Indoor 7-Day Mechanical Vacation Timer lets you gain peace of mind while vacationing – set this timer to turn your lamps on and off at random times twice a day to give your home a lived-in look and deter burglars while you are away. When you are home, set the timer to conveniently turn radios, fans, and lights ON and Off for you. Easy dial setting.

  • Indoor 7-Day Mechanical Vacation Timer
  • Set timer to turn lights on and off at random times twice a day
  • Gives your home a lived-in look
  • Deters burglars while you are away
  • When you are at home use timer to turn radios, fans, and lights On and Off
  • Price: $5.68
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    Mount Handheld Devices for Easy Access and Viewing

    Product Title (In box)

    The Scosche Mobile Grip-IT Windshield Mount is the most convenient accessory for GPS and hand-held devices. It easily attaches to your windshield, while its flex shaft provides a sturdy and easily accessible mounting solution for hand-held electronics. Clamping arms on the mount open up to 4.5″ wide, making it compatible with virtually any hand-held device. A flexible neck can rotate up to 360 degrees to put your device in the best viewing and operating position possible.

  • Provides a stable, secure, and easily accessible mounting solution
  • Allows clamping arms to open up to 4.5″ wide accommodating most portable devices
  • Price: $19.99
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    Designed for Lifestyle V25 and V35 Home Entertainment Systems

    Bose RC-35S2 Expansion Remote

    The Bose® RC-35S2 Expansion Remote provides even more options and flexibility to your Lifestyle® V25 and V35 Home entertainment systems. Its simple layout makes it easy to with your Lifestyle system or any connected device.

    This expansion remote also includes a “party” feature, which links all connected expansion products to the source on your Lifestyle system. The party feature is ideal when you would like the same music to play throughout multiple rooms.

  • 27MHz radio frequency
  • Distinct styling, simple layout, fewer buttons
  • Controls second zone functions and volume
  • Use with Bose® link — compatible products to expand sound from your Lifestyle® system to another room or outdoors
  • Works through most walls, floors and ceilings
  • Price: $99.00
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    Great Low Vision Aid and Assists in Reading Small Print

    Carson Optical RM-77 Rectangular LED Lighted RimFree Magnifier

    The Carson Optical RM-77 Rectangular LED Lighted RimFree™ Magnifier is a 2x power magnifier with bright white LED’s and an ergonomically designed soft-grip rubber handle. It boasts a rimless, crystal-clear rectangular acrylic lens that gives you a sharp distortion-free view. This magnifier is a great low vision aid and assists in reading small print. At only 5.7 oz the Lighted RimFree Magnifier is lightweight and comfortable to use for a long period of time. The Lighted RimFree Magnifier comes with a soft case to protect the lens when not in use.

  • Rectangular Lighted RimFree Magnifier
  • 3x Power Magnifier
  • Bright White LED’s
  • Rimless Crystal-Clear Acrylic Lens
  • Great Low Vision Aid
  • Price: $10.62
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