Automatically Control Your Landscape and Holiday Lights

Woods 17321 3-Outlet Power Stake with Timer & 6' Cord

The Woods 17321 3-Outlet Power Stake with Timer & 6′ Cord automatically controls your landscape lights, holiday lights, and more. When it’s cold and dark outside, the last thing you want to do is run out to turn off your lighted yard decorations or turn on your security lights. Let the timer on this power stake do the work for you. Seven different timer cycles let you set a schedule; once set, the cycle repeats daily until changed. It can use the sunlight (with photoelectric eye) to automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, or 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours later. It saves energy and electricity costs by only turning on lights when needed. Accommodates up to 3 different plugged-in items. Hardy, weatherproof 14 gauge, 6′ cord and rain tight timer and outlet covers make this power stake ideal for all four seasons, it keeps rain, snow, and animals away from the timer and outlets.

  • 3-Outlet Power Stake with Timer
  • Auto on/off at dusk and dawn
  • Programmable auto on at dusk and off 2. 4, 6, or 8 hours later
  • Settings repeat daily
  • Works with lamps, fans, and other appliances
  • Lowers energy cost
  • Easy to install
  • Price: $24.11
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    Charge and Mount Virtually Any Portable Device in Your Car

    Product Title (In box)

    The Scosche powerMOUNTâ„¢ is a universal charging mount that allows you to secure and charge your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player or cell phone from your vehicle’s 12 Volt dash socket. In addition, the powerMOUNT features its own 12 Volt socket to power other accessories. With the rotating T-notch ball mount, you can position your device to the easiest viewing and operating position.

  • 360 degree rotating device holder is perfect for iPod, iPhone, MP3, Blackberry, cell phones, and more
  • Use your existing USB cable to charge most devices, including iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod, MP3, Blackberry and more
  • Locking 12V power port ensures a secure fit in most vehicles
  • Price: $29.99
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    Use 30 Minute Countdown Timer to Cut Down on Wasted Energy

    Woods 59007 In-Wall Digital 30 Minute Countdown Timer, White

    The Woods 59007 In-Wall Digital 30 Minute Countdown Timer is an easy-to-set timer that sets a running time for bathroom exhaust fans or lighting. Choose from 5, 10, 15, or 30 minute time periods. This timer is simple to install – it replaces a standard light switch plate and fits a standard decorator switch plate. The timer provides a simple, yet effective way to leave the bathroom exhaust fan on without having to remember to turn it off later; in addition, using this timer cuts down on wasted energy use since lights and fans can be timed to only be “on” when needed. It is compatible with compact fluorescent bulbs.

  • 30 Minute Digital Countdown Timer
  • 5 time settings: 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes and auto shut-off
  • Set a running time for bathroom exhaust fans or lighting BULLET
  • Easy to install in place of existing wall switch
  • Fits decorator switch plate (single or multi-gang)
  • Compatible with compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Price: $12.69
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    Wireless Home Security System for Protection

    Mace 80355 Wireless Home Security System

    The Mace 80355 Wireless Home Security System detects motion or when a door/window is opening, then it activates an alarm and calls your phone upon detection. This easy to operate security system will sound an alarm and dial up to 5 preset phone numbers (up to 32 digits each), to let you know motion has been detected or a door/window has opened in your home. You can also install the control unit and use the remote panic button to notify someone in case of an emergency. This is an ideal use for elderly people who live alone. Compatible with up to 14 additional wireless accessories for expansion such as extra motion detectors or window/door sensors. This detector has wireless transmission up to 250 feet, and motion detector range up to 8 yards.

  • Detects motion or a door/window opening
  • Activates an alarm and calls your phone upon detection
  • Wireless transmission up to 250 feet
  • Remote control with Panic Button feature included
  • Price: $90.00
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    Control up to Four Audio/Video Components via Infrared (IR) Using this Shelf-Top Plasma Resistant IR Repeater System

    Xantech HL95SK Universal Hidden Link IR Receiver Kit, Silver

    The interference from a TV can wreak havoc with your IR control system. Xantech designed this Universal Hidden Link IR Receiver to resist the interference from plasma, LCD and LED TVs, as well as fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting (CFL), and sunlight – so you can mount this receiver in any room with confidence. The Hidden Link IR Receiver is a small shelf-top infrared repeater assembly. The package includes an IR receiver, connecting block. power supply and four emitters. The Hidden Link IR Receiver is equipped with a 7-foot cable and a 3.5mm stereo mini plug, which is plugged directly into the “IR RCVR” jack on the connecting block. The included connecting block supplies power to the IR receiver using the included power supply. The connecting block receives IR signals coming from the IR receiver and distributes the IR signals out to your audio and video components using the included designer IR emitters. The use of this kit will leave you with the clean lines of your entertainment center without looking at unsightly stacks of equipment and cables. You can continue using your existing IR remote with the confidence it will communicate with your AV equipment behind doors and walls.

  • Use your IR remote on components behind closed doors or walls
  • IR receiver specifically designed to resist interference from Plasma, LCD and LED TVs, CFL lighting and sunlight
  • IR receiver has an attractive case for shelf-top locations
  • IR receiver talk-back LED confirms commands
  • IR receiver accepts IR commands from up to 80 feet away
  • Color-coded connectors for fast, easy installation
  • Price: $223.18
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