Real Customer Reviews of the SwitchLinc 3-Way Dimmer – INSTEON 3-Way Dimmer Kit 2494M3

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Check out what some real customers had to say about the SwitchLinc 3 Way Dimmer:

PAUL — MORENO VALLEY, CA Date: 2/27/2010
Review: Nice that they came pre-programmed to work as a pair. Not too difficult to install but bit harder than a normal switch. Pay attention to the instructions as they wire without the traveler wire between them used.

VERLIN — SOUTH BELOIT, IL Date: 1/4/2010
Review: I’m converting my house from X-10 to Insteon. The SwitchLinc 3Way Dimmer was one of the last items I had to install. Wiring was easy and linking to my SmartLinc worked fine. Being a 3Way it was a little more complicated, but went well by following your directions. Worked the first time it was turned on.

STEVEN — MIDDLETOWN, MD Date: 12/19/2009
Review: Very good product, wiring diagram not as detailed as it should be (the single red wire labeled LOAD goes to the LOAD, and the red wire labeled LOAD running with the HOT wire goes to LINE).

MARK — MINNETONKA, MN Date: 12/17/2009
Review: Works just perfectly. I’m no electrician, but I was able to follow the directions and set this up.

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Receivers Provide an Easy way to Add Self-powered Wireless Control to Lighting Control and Security Systems

AD HOC Electronics E3R-R04FP-8 8-Channel Low Voltage Relay Receiver

The AD HOC Electronics 8-Channel Low Voltage Relay Receiver accepts wireless signals from other AD HOC EnOcean-enabled wireless light switches and sensors. It can be used to connect wireless light switches or door/window sensors to existing security, lighting, media, HVAC and other control systems. The low voltage relay receiver provides 8 channels of relay output which mirror the status of battery-free, EnOcean-compatible wireless transmitters. The relays provide wireless links to magnetic proximity window/door sensors or wireless light switches. The receiver receives information from EnOcean transmitters using a simple “ID learn-sequence” that stores transmitter IDs (addresses) in its EEPROM memory. This allows the receiver to store an association between each switch and each relay output. When used with compatible switches, the relays can be configured to toggle with each button press or provide momentary relay closure while the button is held and released. Also available as an 4-Channel Low Voltage Relay Receiver.

  • Compatible with AD HOC EnOcean enabled RF modules (868 MHz)
  • Easily add window/door sensors or self-powered wireless lighting to existing systems
  • Each unit can support up to 30 associations
  • Wirelessly communicates with other devices via EnOcean radio frequency (RF) protocol
  • 100 foot average range
  • Price: $189.95
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    Full-Featured Security System with 4 Independent Voice Message Dialer Channels!

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    The United Security Products AVD-2010 combines technologically advanced features, ease of programming and reliable operation in a compact, unobtrusive dialer that is compatible with virtually any security alarm system. The AVD-2010 features a Power Monitoring System (PMS) that constantly operates in the background. The PMS automatically calls up to 8 phone numbers with a pre-recorded message when any of the three conditions have been detected: AC POWER OFF, BATTERY LOW, or AC POWER RESTORED. Installation and hookup are quick and easy, whether installed in conjunction with normally open, normally closed dry contact or voltage activation sensors. The unit can also function as a stand-alone device, by simple connection to an ordinary telephone jack.

    The AVD-2010 features a ‘smart’ Power Monitoring System (PMS) that constantly operates in the background without interfering with any of the dialer functions under normal power conditions. In the event of a blackout, or when battery voltage falls below a safe level, or when power is restored, the PMS automatically dials out and notifies by means of pre-recorded voice messages which of the three conditions have been detected: AC POWER OFF, BATTERY LOW, or AC POWER RESTORED.

    The AVD-2010 is extensively programmable, offering personalized customization to fulfill virtually any residential or business requirement. Plain-English prompts walk the user through the process in a timely manner. Programming options abound, allowing the user to:
    Store up to 8 telephone/pager numbers
    Choose 1-9 calling efforts for the numbers dialed
    Select 1-3 message repeats
    Record a variable combination (maximum: 7) of instructional outgoing messages (total elapsed time: 60 seconds)

    Program up to 4 separate input channels with individually enable/disable, entry/exit delay and activation options (Normally
    Open (N.O.), Normally Closed (N.C.) – (dry contact or voltage activation) including momentary and continuous activation for each).

    Further individualize each channel by selecting the delay times, telephone/pager numbers to be dialed and the specific
    outgoing messages to be played.

  • Sends Power Condition voice message in any language
  • Automatic power loss notification – instant or 15-minutes delayed
  • Up to 4 separate outgoing messages
  • Automatically calls up to 8 telephones or cell phones
  • EEPROM memory retains program despite power loss
  • Price: $269.99
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    Magnifier with Tweezers Gives You an Extra Hand When Needed!

    Carson Optical MG-88 LED Lighted MagniGrip

    The Carson Optical MG-88 LED Lighted MagniGrip™ is a compact 4x Magnifier with attached fine-point tweezers and bright LED light. The Magnifier’s built-in LED allows for a clear and bright view of an object, giving the user better precision for their work. This magnifier/tweezers combo is perfect for all those “little” jobs when you need an extra hand! It is extremely lightweight and can be used as an aid for everything from hobbies and crafts to getting out that pesky splinter.

  • 4x LED Lighted Magnifier
  • Come with Attached Fine-Point Tweezers
  • Perfect for All “Little” Jobs When You Need an Extra Hand
  • Use as an Aid for Everything
  • Price: $8.48
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    Explore at Night with the Portable Digital Night Vision Monocular

    Carson Optical NV-100 Aura Digital Night Vision Monocular)

    The Carson Optical NV-100 Aura™ is a portable digital night vision monocular. The Aura Night Vision Monocular uses digital technology to provide a bright, clear and sharp image. No more blurry green images using old intensifier tubes! The Aura Night Vision Optics operate on 4 AA batteries (not included), and includes a soft pouch and wrist strap. The Aura Night Vision Monocular has a one-year limited warranty.

  • Digital Night Vision Monocular
  • Uses Digital Technology to Provide a Bright, Clear and Sharp Image
  • 12mm Lens with 2x/3x Magnification
  • Price: $199.00
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    Install a 3-Way Light Switch Without Running Any Wire and Avoid Tearing into Walls

    AD HOC Electronics E3K-A21-WH 3-Way Wireless Light Switch Kit, White

    The AD HOC Electronics 3-Way Wireless Light Switch Kit is the perfect solution for adding a 3-way light switch virtually anywhere in your home without needing to run new wire. The kit includes two self-powered wireless light switches and one RF relay (non-dimming) receiver. The receiver is simply wired between the power and the light, and then stored in the light box behind the fixture. The light switches are programmed to the receiver through a simple single-button configuration procedure. This battery-free wireless light switches save you time and hassle by eliminating the need for wires and switch boxes. Traditionally the wireless light switches are surface mounted on a wall with screws or industrial tape but can also be used in a standard switch box or as wireless hand held remotes. The switches are powered by EnOcean technology that converts the press of the switch into a small amount of electricity. This electricity is used to transmit a radio frequency (RF) wireless signal that communicates with the relay receiver. By adding more switches you can create 4-way lighting applications quickly and easily. Or add more relay receivers and control an unlimited numbers of lights. With an RF wireless range of nearly 100 feet, AD HOC transmitters and receivers allows you to add lighting control from almost anywhere in you home.

  • Control one load from two locations
  • Fast, simple installation. No wires. No batteries. No hassle.
  • Self-powered wireless light switches provid their own power using built-in microgenerators
  • Switches can control an unlimited number of relay or plug-in dimmer/relay receivers (one relay receiver included)
  • Relay Receiver wires to one light or group of lights (up to 200W)
  • Receiver can be controlled by up to 30 light switches (one switch included)
  • Wireless transmission range up to 98 feet
  • Wirelessly communicates with other devices via EnOcean radio frequency (RF) protocol
  • Price: $219.84
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