Energy Saving Sensors Ensure Lights Automatically Turn Off in Unoccupied Spaces

Product Title (In box)

By using the Lutron Radio Powr Savr Wireless RF Wall Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor offers convenient lighting control that detects when you enter and leave an area – triggering lights to turn on and off on when a room is occupied. This sensor saves energy by directing a compatible Lutron Maestro RF dimmer or switch to reduce lighting levels or turn lights off based on room occupancy/vacancy. The Occupancy sensors turn lights on automatically as an occupant enters the room and turns lights off again when the room is
unoccupied. The vacancy sensor requires lights to be turned on manually when an occupant enters a room, but will turn lights off automatically when the room is empty. The sensor wirelessly transmits the appropriate commands to an associated Maestro Wireless devices (or devices) to turn on or off automatically. Up to 3 sensors can be added with each RF dimming or switching device for extended coverage. Each sensor may be added to up to 10 compatible RF dimming and switching devices for spaces with multiple zones of lighting. It combines both convenience and exceptional energy savings along with ease of installation.

  • Wall-mounted wireless device with 180 degreesensor
  • Features occupancy/vacancy sensor, auto-on/auto-off or manual on/auto-off settings
  • XCT technology in occupancy/vacancy sensors detects fine motions of room occupants
  • Clear Connect RF technology ensures reliable, consistent communication between devices
  • Sensors require no wiring – installs in minutes
  • Price: $95.99
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