Incredible Noise Isolation Earphones with tapLine II Control Technology

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The Scosche Increased Dynamic Range™ Earphones accurately reproduce brilliant highs, silky-smooth mids and powerful bass for all musical genres. The tapLINE™ II control surface allows you to play, pause, adjust volume, skip tracks and much more with simple button presses. Silicone inserts are included in three different sizes to ensure a perfect seal to your ear, isolating against external sounds and dramatically increasing bass response.

These audiophile-grade earphones have been designed by audio enthusiasts for audio enthusiasts that want to get the most out of their music. Listen and you’ll hear the difference.

Compatible with iPhone 4, iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPod nano (Gen 5), iPod shuffle (Gen 3), iPod touch (Gen 2), iPod nano (Gen 4), iPod classic (120 GB) and Mac computers purchased after Oct 2008 .

  • Adjust volume by pressing the + and – buttons
  • Control music and video playback, including play/pause and next/previous by pressing the center button
  • Integrated microphone for hands-free conversations, voice command and recording voice memos on supported iPod and iPhone models
  • Navigate playlists and activate the VoiceOver feature on the iPod shuffle 3rd generation
  • S/M/L single and dual-flanged silicone inserts provide unparalleled noise isolation and comfort
  • Includes travel pouch
  • Price: $89.99
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    Energy Saving Sensors Ensure Lights Automatically Turn Off in Unoccupied Spaces

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    By using the Lutron Radio Powr Savr Wireless RF Wall Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor offers convenient lighting control that detects when you enter and leave an area – triggering lights to turn on and off on when a room is occupied. This sensor saves energy by directing a compatible Lutron Maestro RF dimmer or switch to reduce lighting levels or turn lights off based on room occupancy/vacancy. The Occupancy sensors turn lights on automatically as an occupant enters the room and turns lights off again when the room is
    unoccupied. The vacancy sensor requires lights to be turned on manually when an occupant enters a room, but will turn lights off automatically when the room is empty. The sensor wirelessly transmits the appropriate commands to an associated Maestro Wireless devices (or devices) to turn on or off automatically. Up to 3 sensors can be added with each RF dimming or switching device for extended coverage. Each sensor may be added to up to 10 compatible RF dimming and switching devices for spaces with multiple zones of lighting. It combines both convenience and exceptional energy savings along with ease of installation.

  • Wall-mounted wireless device with 180 degreesensor
  • Features occupancy/vacancy sensor, auto-on/auto-off or manual on/auto-off settings
  • XCT technology in occupancy/vacancy sensors detects fine motions of room occupants
  • Clear Connect RF technology ensures reliable, consistent communication between devices
  • Sensors require no wiring – installs in minutes
  • Price: $95.99
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    Latching Solenoid for Your Enercon Irrigation System, No Energy Required!

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    The Alex-Tronix LS Latching Solenoid is a 12 VDC two-wire polarized latching solenoid. It requires a short DC pulse to turn it on, and a reverse polarity DC pulse to de-energize it. No energy is required to keep the valve open. The LS can be operated directly by the Enercon controllers. Alex-Tronix recommends using the model LS (Latching Solenoid) with all of its battery powered controllers.

    *Black lead is the common and the red lead is the positive. Connecting the leads in reverse will cause valve to stay on when it is supposed to be off, and off when it’s supposed to be on.*

  • 12VDC two-wire polarized latching solenoid
  • Directly operated by the Enercon
  • No energy is required!
  • Price: $35.25
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    IR Receiver Mounts in a Single Gang Electrical Box for a Professional Finish

    Xantech WL95 Universal Wall Link IR Receiver, Extended Range

    The WL95 is designed to reject interference from Plasma, LCD, LED Displays and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) from entering the IR signal line. This IR Receiver mounts easily into a single gang, electrical J-Box, is supplied with mounting screws, and comes with a Decorator-style insert, allowing the installer to use a Decorator-style wall cover plate. This provides an integrated look for control of A/V equipment behind closed doors or any IR Repeater System that is in close proximity to light sources described above.

  • Range up to 120 feet
  • J-Box Mounting with Decorator-style insert
  • 4-screw terminal block for interface to Xantech Connecting Blocks
  • Works in normal 3-wire mode
  • Improved Compact Fluorescent Light rejection
  • May be used in Direct Sunlight
  • RF Grid included for EMI reduction
  • Talk Back LED for IR reception and full system operation indication
  • Status LED for system On/Off indication (requires 12VDC Source @10mA)
  • Price: $200.62
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