Wireless Motion Sensor and Alarm Kit to be Used Indoors or Outdoors!

Product Title (In box)

The Skylink Wireless Motion Alert Kit can be placed indoors or outdoors to alert you of security breaches. Using infrared technology, the motion sensor will detect any movement and report it to the Household Alert® Receiver to alert you.

You can set the system to one of three operating modes to be alerted of movement. All three modes will flash an LED to notify you of movement, but you can change the mode based on the audio indicator you would like to receive. Alert Mode beeps when a sensor is activated, Alarm Mode will scare off intruders with a 95 dB siren, and Off will not emit and audio indictation.

A Supervised Sensor is included in the units to monitor their batteries and let you know when the battery life is getting low. Up to 16 sensors (sold separately) can be used in up to 4 zones with this Wireless Motion Alert Kit.

  • Alerts you when motion is detected surrounding your home, garage, or business
  • Supervised Sensor monitors the sensors and their battery condition automatically
  • Built-in piercing 95 dB siren
  • Both audio and visual indicators
  • Easy to set up
  • Price: $39.98
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