Wireless Motion Sensor and Alarm Kit to be Used Indoors or Outdoors!

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The Skylink Wireless Motion Alert Kit can be placed indoors or outdoors to alert you of security breaches. Using infrared technology, the motion sensor will detect any movement and report it to the Household Alert® Receiver to alert you.

You can set the system to one of three operating modes to be alerted of movement. All three modes will flash an LED to notify you of movement, but you can change the mode based on the audio indicator you would like to receive. Alert Mode beeps when a sensor is activated, Alarm Mode will scare off intruders with a 95 dB siren, and Off will not emit and audio indictation.

A Supervised Sensor is included in the units to monitor their batteries and let you know when the battery life is getting low. Up to 16 sensors (sold separately) can be used in up to 4 zones with this Wireless Motion Alert Kit.

  • Alerts you when motion is detected surrounding your home, garage, or business
  • Supervised Sensor monitors the sensors and their battery condition automatically
  • Built-in piercing 95 dB siren
  • Both audio and visual indicators
  • Easy to set up
  • Price: $39.98
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    IR Receiver Mounts in a Single Gang Electrical Box for a Professional Finish

    Xantech WL25 DLP/CRT Wall Link IR Receiver

    The WL25 is designed to reject interference from CRT, DLP and LED Displays. This IR Receiver mounts easily into a single gang, electrical J-Box, is supplied with mounting screws, and comes with a Decorator-style insert, allowing the installer to use a Decorator-style wall cover plate. This provides an integrated look for control of A/V equipment behind closed doors or any IR Repeater System that is in close proximity to light sources described above.

  • J-Box Mounting with Decorator-style insert
  • 4-screw terminal block for interface to Xantech Connecting Blocks
  • Works in normal 3-wire mode
  • RF Grid included for EMI reduction
  • Talk Back LED for IR reception and full system operation indication
  • 7 units may be powered by one 781ERGPS power supply (regulated 12VDC 200mA supply)
  • The Talk-Back Led should only blink when you are sending infrared commands to the Micro Link IR receiver from a remote control
  • Price: $73.74
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    PowerLinc Modem – INSTEON USB Interface (Dual-Band) 2413U Review

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    MICHAEL — EDINA, MN Date: 7/19/2010
    Review: Prodect exactly as desrcibed. Fast shipping!!!

    EDWARD — MENLO PARK, CA Date: 4/17/2010
    Review: Painless install. Works well with Indigo software on the Mac. You’re not really supposed to put an extension on the USB cable for the best signal but I’ve got a 6 oot extension and I’ve not had any problems at all. There is a slight “chirp” sound when linking to other units but it only happens during set-up and is inconsequential.

    JASON — NEWCASTLE, WA Date: 4/15/2010
    Review: Works great, much faster than the old PLC.

    OMER — WAYNE, NJ Date: 3/23/2010
    Review: Good Product, easy to program!

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    Buy the PowerLinc Modem – INSTEON USB Interface (Dual-Band) 2413U at Smarthome.com

    Use the Universal Smart Module to Lower Water Usage and Costs!

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    The Alex-Tronix USM Universal Smart Module® coordinates itself with your sprinkler timer’s run times, and adjusts irrigation schedule based on current temperature and location. It learns each station’s summer peak watering duration and modifies the run times by a daily percentage based on location, date, and temperature. Patented “Temperature Budgeting” technology is S.W.A.T. tested and results in lower water usage and costs.

  • Module adjusts irrigation schedule based on current temperature and location
  • Control up to eight stations
  • 50% of the cost of a smart controller
  • “Set it, don’t sweat it”® programming. Simply enter date, time, and zip code
  • No monthly service fees or expensive weather stations
  • Price: $169.00
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    Wireless Door/Window Sensor for Added Protection

    Mace 80356 Wireless Security Door/Window Sensor

    The Mace 80356 Wireless Security Door/Window Sensor detects when a window or a door is being opened, and alarms the owner for intrusion. When the window/door sensor is triggered, the unit will sound an alarm and activate the main control of the Mace Wireless Home Security System with a wireless RF transmission up to 300 feet away. This door/window sensor is to be used with the Mace Wireless Home Security System ONLY.

  • Wireless door/window sensor for use with the Mace Wireless Home Security System ONLY
  • Activates alarm when door or window is opened
  • Wireless RF transmission up to 300 feet
  • Price: $30.00
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    IR Distribution Kit Features a Compact IR Sensor that Blends in to its Surroundings

    Xantech ML25K DLP/CRT Proof Micro Link IR Receiver Kit

    The interference from a TV can wreak havoc with your IR control system. Xantech designed this Micro Link IR Receiver to resist the interference from DLP and CRT TVs – so you can mount install this IR receiver kit in any room with confidence. The DLP/CRT Proof Micro Link IR Receiver Kit makes it possible to control up to four different audio and video components behind solid doors or walls using your existing IR remote.

    The IR receiver is a small peep-hole style infrared repeater assembly, perfect for a nearly flush in-wall or cabinet installation with minimal footprint for a professional finish. The high sensitivity of this receiver allows it to receive IR commands up to 80 feet away, it also includes a ‘talkback’ LED so you’ll know the command was received and sent to the emitter. Using the included connecting block, you can connect the IR receiver to the four IR emitter ports. The connecting block supplies power to the IR receiver using the included power supply. The connecting block receives IR signals coming from the IR receiver and distributes the IR signals out to your audio and video components using the included IR emitters. With a Xantech IR Kit, equipment can now be concealed for clean room design. In addition, a centralized IR receiver means there is only one IR target resulting in improved remote control interaction. Featuring color-coded connectors, a Xantech IR Kit is easy to install, and allows a worry-free installation. Includes Black, Brass and White bezels.

  • Control audio/video equipment from up to 80 feet away
  • Peephole-Style, mounts in 1/2″ diameter hole 2″ deep ideal for cabinet doors or walls
  • Green Talkback LED for System Verification
  • Includes DLP/CRT Proof Micro Link IR Receiver, Connecting Block, Power supply and four single emitters
  • Color-coded connectors for fast, easy installation
  • Price: $81.24
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