Solar Power Controller Saves Money, Water, Time and Energy!

Product Title (In box)

The Alex-Tronix Smart Clock is the only battery or solar powered temperature budgeting controller that can operate up to six stations plus master valve. It has four independent programs with 4 start times per day per program, and the operation options are automatic, semi-automatic, and timed manual. It has the ability to water on scheduled days of the week or interval of days, and rain delay function up to 99 days. Self powered controller with powder coated outdoor metal case with lock to minimize vandalism. The Smart Clock uses energy saving technology recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy.

  • Battery operated controller with “temperature budgeting technology”
  • Save money, water, time and energy
  • Six stations plus master valve
  • Watering based on scheduled days of the week or interval of days
  • Simple set it, don’t sweat it ® programming
  • Price: $1025.00
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    Easy Fix Stops Faucet Leaks Forever!

    Product Title (In box)

    The DripStop® Valve replaces old-fashioned rubber washers and stops faucet leaks forever! Guaranteed for life, the DripStop Valve uses your faucet’s own internal water pressure to gently create a watertight seal. That’s why it works so much better – and lasts so much longer – than an old-fashioned rubber washer.

    The DripStop Valve can never be over-tightened and makes your faucet easy to turn on and off. DripStop is great for seniors, arthritis sufferers, and people with limited motion!

    The DripStop Valve works in most major brands of compression faucets and will even work if your faucet’s seat is chipped or worn. No ordinary washer can do that!

    The DSV-C DripStop Valve fits B & K, Burlington Brass, Crane, Central Brass Tub & Shower & Model # K-3-CT, Gerber, Milwaukee, and Universal / Rundle faucets.

    This DripStop Valve Combo Pack contains one each of DSV-A, DSV-B, & DSV-C. Also included is one DSV-D, for Price Pfister tub & shower faucets. (DSV-D is not packaged separately & only comes in Combo-Packs).

  • Permanently replaces rubber faucet washers
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Works in most major brands of compression faucets
  • Includes 4 DripStop Valve packages to fit virtually any faucet
  • Price: $3.31
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    Control your A/V System and Computer Desktop Applications with a Single Remote!

    Product Title (In box)

    EZ Commander is a wireless trackball mouse and keypad that is used like a remote control. Just plug the included receiver into the USB port of your desktop or laptop, and start to experience the full control of your multimedia center. It’s as EZ as the touch of a button and without the need to sit in front of your computer.

    This all-in-one remote is composed of three parts: Media Control & PC Function keys, trackball mouse and keypad. After you install the included EZ Input software, you’ll be able to control almost any A/V device, and perform standard computer keyboard functions using the Media Control and PC Function keys. Use the mouse to surf the web for information, news or products. The keypad can be used to type words into your working computer applications – enter terms into the search bar, send emails and more…all in the palm of your hand, while relaxing on the couch.

  • Fully-functional wireless mouse and keypad
  • Controls MS Windows desktop applications and your A/V and multimedia devices
  • Multilingual text input keypad
  • Laser pointer works well for business conference and presentations
  • Price: $34.98
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