I/O Linc – INSTEON Garage Door Control & Status Kit 74551 Review!

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Review: Once I followed the instructions the garage control worked as described. Linked with a lamp module I can now see if the garage door is open without getting up and going outside.

Review: Works well. Just as expected. Easy install.

Review: Worked great! MUCH better than the TriggerLinc I was using. Should have an option for using a 4xI/O link instead on a 1x.

ADRIAN — CERRITOS, CA Date: 3/6/2010
Review: I chose to mount the switch on the header above the garage door instead of on the floor. The magnet was mounted on the top edge of the door and comes within a 1/2″ of the switch. This easily triggers the switch. In this location, this made it easy to run the wires along the top of the garage opener track. With I/OLinc’s always on outlet, it was simple to just unplug the opener, plug in I/OLinc, and then plug the opener into I/OLinc. This made wire runs so short that only one of the two supplied wire bundles was necessary. Oh, and so far, operation is flawless.

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New Dual USB Home Charger for the iPad!

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Charge multiple USB-powered devices at once with the Scosche Industries reVIVE II. This power charger for AC features a 2.1 Amp USB port for your iPad, as well as a 1 Amp USB port for additional devices, so you can charge two devices at once.

  • Charge your iPad and an additional USB powered device at once
  • Use your existing USB cables to charge any additional USB powered devices
  • 2.1 Amp USB port for charging iPad
  • 1 Amp USB port for charging additional devices
  • Price: $24.99
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    High-Definition Audio Video Cable for iPod and iPhone Lets You Take Movies Anywhere!

    Product Title (In box)

    Use the Scoshce Industries IPAVRGB sneakPEEK HD to stream audio and video from your iPod or iPhone to any television, portable DVD player or other device with RGB/component inputs with the Scosche Industries IPAVRGB sneakPEEK HD. A mini USB cable is also included so you can charge your iPod or iPhone while you play.

    The sneakPEEK HD is an audio and video output solution for any iPad, iPhone & iPod that plays video, including, iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone (Gen 1), iPod touch (Gen 2), iPod nano (Gen 4), iPod classic, iPod touch (Gen 1), iPod nano (Gen 3), iPod with video (Gen 5).

  • Connect your iPod or iPhone directly to any television or display with RGB/ component inputs
  • The tapered metal RCA barrels provide a superior connection with no signal loss
  • Compatible with Netflix app for iPad
  • Price: $44.99
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    Prevent Water Theft and Vandalism

    Product Title (In box)

    The Hose Bibb Lock is designed to prevent both water theft and vandalism to outdoor faucets and hose spigots.

    The Hose Bibb Lock’s fitting assembly screws securely onto the end of any standard garden hose bibb, yard hydrant, or vacuum breaker. The cover is placed over the fitting assembly, and locked with any commercial padlock.

    The Hose Bibb Lock is designed so that the cover and padlock spin freely around the fitting assembly, preventing anyone without the key from using the faucet.

    Water won’t flow – even if the handle is turned to the full open position unless you remove the Hose Bibb Lock.

  • Prevents unauthorized use of water or vandalism
  • Prevents leaks and water waste even if spigot is turned on
  • Attaches to standard sillcock faucets and valves
  • Works with any commercial padlock (not included)
  • Price: $12.93
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    U.S. electricity blackouts skyrocketing

    (CNN) — New York’s Staten Island was broiling under a life-threatening heat wave and borough President James Molinaro was seriously concerned about the area’s Little League baseball players.

    It was last July’s Eastern heat wave and Consolidated Edison was responding to scattered power outages as electricity usage neared record highs.

    So, authorities followed Molinaro’s suggestion to cancel that night’s Little League games, which were to be played under electricity-sucking stadium lights.

    “Number one, it was a danger to the children that were playing out there in that heat, and secondly it would save electricity that people would need for air conditioning in their homes,” said Molinaro, who’d been forced to sleep at his office that night because of a blackout in his own neighborhood.

    Throughout New York City, about 52,000 of ConEd’s 3.2 million customers lost power during the heat wave. Triple-digit temperatures forced residents like 77 year-old Rui Zhi Chen, to seek shelter at one of the city’s 400 emergency cooling centers. “It felt like an oven in my home and on the street,” Chen said.

    Should Americans view these kinds of scenarios as extraordinary circumstances — or a warning sign of a darker future?

    Experts on the nation’s electricity system point to a frighteningly steep increase in non-disaster-related outages affecting at least 50,000 consumers.

    During the past two decades, such blackouts have increased 124 percent — up from 41 blackouts between 1991 and 1995, to 92 between 2001 and 2005, according to research at the University of Minnesota.

    In the most recently analyzed data available, utilities reported 36 such outages in 2006 alone.

    “It’s hard to imagine how anyone could believe that — in the United States — we should learn to cope with blackouts,” said University of Minnesota Professor Massoud Amin, a leading expert on the U.S. electricity grid.

    Amin supports construction of a nationwide “smart grid” that would avert blackouts and save billions of dollars in wasted electricity.

    In a nutshell, a smart grid is an automated electricity system that improves the reliability, security and efficiency of electric power. It more easily connects with new energy sources, such as wind and solar, and is designed to charge electric vehicles and control home appliances via a so-called “smart” devices.

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    There are a wide assortment of products available that may make getting through a blackout much simpler such as the   Sylvania LED Power Failure Light which automatically turns on in the dark and can also be used as a night light. Another great option is the 3-In-1 Nightlight/Emergency Flashlight which is extremely energy efficient. Lastly, when you don’t feel like carrying a flashlight the Neklight Wearable LED Flashlight is a great accessory that is light weight and bright.