Wireless Safety System Notifies you the Instant Someone Falls in the Pool

SonarGuard AG100 Wireless Swimming Pool Security System

The SonarGuard® AG100 Swimming Pool Security System is an advanced swimming pool security system, which creates an “invisible” underwater sonar-net. It has been designed to alert the owners when an object of specific size and shape is detected in unsupervised pools and spas such as a child fall into the pool. The system works on any size or shape pool, and can be fitted on any new or existing pool and/or spa. SonarGuard represents the best solution to pool security and safety for the pool owner. This intelligent system distinguishes the difference between a real event and pool toys, wind, or a dog drinking from the water’s surface. Armed system status is displayed on the remote keypad by a glowing green light. The homeowner uses the remote keypad to put SonarGuard into standby mode when the pool is to be used. Three minutes prior to rearming, the system will give off small beeps as a warning that it is going to rearm. Once the standby mode time has elapsed, the system will automatically rearm.

  • Provides immediate 100% detection in any size or shape pool or spa
  • Detects a child in less than a second
  • Covers both pool and spa in any size or shape with one system
  • Invisible and fully automated
  • Price: $424.98
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