Wireless Home Security System for Protection

Mace 80355 Wireless Home Security System

The Mace 80355 Wireless Home Security System detects motion or when a door/window is opening, then it activates an alarm and calls your phone upon detection. This easy to operate security system will sound an alarm and dial up to 5 preset phone numbers (up to 32 digits each), to let you know motion has been detected or a door/window has opened in your home. You can also install the control unit and use the remote panic button to notify someone in case of an emergency. This is an ideal use for elderly people who live alone. Compatible with up to 14 additional wireless accessories for expansion such as extra motion detectors or window/door sensors. This detector has wireless transmission up to 250 feet, and motion detector range up to 8 yards.

  • Detects motion or a door/window opening
  • Activates an alarm and calls your phone upon detection
  • Wireless transmission up to 250 feet
  • Remote control with Panic Button feature included
  • Price: $90.00
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    Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter for iPod or iPhone

    Product Title (In box)

    The Scosche Industries tuneSTREAMâ„¢ for iPod enables your iPod to stream digital music without the hassle of wires. The tuneSTREAM is Bluetooth 2.0 compliant and supports A2DP and AVRCP profiles for the highest quality of streaming audio. The unit offers 30 feet of wireless range with digital quality sound. The sleek transmitter weighs in at just under .20 ounces and 6.5mm thin (just a hair under the depth of an iPod nano Gen 3), so it’s easily portable. The tuneSTREAM never needs to be recharged since it gets its minimal power needs from the iPod itself. Volume can be controlled directly from the iPod for more flexibility.

  • No batteries needed
  • Supports A2DP and AVRCP streaming audio
  • Transmits signals up to 30 feet
  • Bluetooth 2.0 compliant
  • Price: $75.98
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    Control up to Four Audio/Video Components via Infrared (IR) Using this IR Repeater System

    Xantech DL25K DLP/CRT Proof Dinky Link IR Receiver Kit

    There is no longer a need to leave entertainment cabinet doors open simply to use your IR remote control. The DLP/CRT Proof Dinky Link IR Receiver Kit makes it possible to control up to four different audio and video components behind solid doors or walls using your existing IR remote. The included DLP/CRT Proof Dinky Link IR receiver was designed for mounting in very small spaces. The included connecting block supplies power to the IR receiver via the included power supply. The connecting block receives IR signals coming from the IR receiver and distributes the IR signals out to your audio and video components using the included IR emitters. The use of this kit will leave you with the clean lines of your entertainment center without looking at unsightly stacks of equipment and cables. You can continue using your existing IR remote with the confidence it will communicate with your AV equipment behind doors and walls. Includes Black, Silver and White trim kits.

  • Use your IR remote on components behind closed doors or walls
  • IR receiver can be mounted on your TV, wall, ceiling or other stealth locations
  • IR receiver resists interference from plasma DLP and CRT televisions
  • IR receiver talk-back LED confirms commands
  • IR Receiver accepts IR commands from up to 60 feet away
  • Color-coded connectors for fast, easy installation
  • Price: $93.74
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    Wireless Chime for your Optex Wireless 2000 or 1000 Annunciator System works with up to 9 Transmitters

    Optex RC-20U 3 Channel Receiver Chimebox w/ Relay

    Install the Optex RC-20U Wireless Chime to enhance your Optex Wireless 2000 and 1000 systems. This wireless chime alerts you of a perimeter breach with three different chime tones. You can even program certain groups of transmitters to respond to different chime tones. The wireless chime also features a Form “C” relay for triggering and activating other chimes, lights, or other devices (50V AC 1A max or 24V DC 1A max).

    The chime can be mounted to a wall or used as a tabletop device and is powered by a 9VDC power adapter (included). Up to nine transmitters can be used with one chime.

  • Accepts 9 transmitters and identifies each group of 3 with a different chime tone
  • Operates with 9VDC adapter (included)
  • Wall-mount or table-mount design
  • Form C relay for activating other devices (50V AC 1A max. or 24V DC 1A max.)
  • Price: $72.22
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    Wireless Door/Window Motion Sensor for Added Protection

    Mace 80357 Wireless Security Motion Detector Sensor

    The Mace 80357 Wireless Security Motion Detector Sensor is an easy to install sensor near the doors and windows of your home for added protection. When the sensor is triggered, it outputs a wireless RF signal to the main control unit of the Mace Wireless Home Security System. This motion detector sensor has a range up to 8 yards and a detection angle of 110 degrees. This extra wireless motion detector sensor is to be used with the Mace Wireless Home Security System ONLY.

  • Wireless motion detector sensor for use with the Mace Wireless Home Security System ONLY
  • Detects motion, outputs wireless radio signal
  • Motion detection range up to 8 yards, detection angle up to 110 degrees
  • Wireless RF transmission up to 300 feet
  • Price: $36.00
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