Water/Moisture Sensor Closes Contacts to Trigger I/O Linc Unit

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Catch leaks as soon as they start with a water-sensor system that triggers I/O Linc-connected lamps to flash. The INSTEON Water/Moisture Sensor can detect moisture on any non-conductive surface and send a signal to any INSTEON receiver in range via an I/O Linc (sold separately).

  • Sensor detects moisture or leaks using 2 probes
  • Water sensor sends signal to INSTEON I/O Linc unit
  • Only one I/O Linc is needed for multiple water sensors
  • Price: $48.00
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    Get Immediate Notification and Deter Possible Intruders with this Solar-Powered Alert System

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    Techko’s S096 Glass Vibration Breakage Sensor Alarm is solar powered and can provide valuable protection for your home or property by detecting glass vibration or breakage of a window. This alarm is designed for use on window or glass doors facing the sun (best with non-tented glass). When a protected window is broken or excess force is applied, the alarm sounds its built-in 90 db alarm. After 30 seconds, the alarm will reset itself. The S096 adheres to any glass surface. Simply remove the adhesive film covering the warning sign on front of the unit and apply to the glass. To arm or disarm the system, there is a convenient slide switch on the side of the unit.

  • BUUsed on non-tinted transparent windows, sliding non-tinted transparent doors facing sunlight
  • High output alarm
  • No tool installation
  • Simple On/Off switch operation
  • Rechargeable ni-mh battery operation (included)
  • Price: $14.98
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    Keep Mosquitoes, Gnats and Other Pests at Bay With These Wristbands!

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    Mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums, insects and other outdoor pests are far more than just annoying inconveniences.Don’t leave yourself and your family unprotected against blood-feeding bugs by wearing the MM35 Insect Repellent Wristband. As an alternative to chemical sprays or lotions, this wristbands will protect you from biting insects with an all natural ingredient. Each wristband is embedded with geraniol, and emits a gentle fragrance that is a proven and tested repellent, providing a coverage area around your own personal space.

    The Insect Repellent Wristband is perfect for use in all outdoor activities, such as gardening, evening walks, picnics, outdoor sporting events, hiking, camping, fishing, and so much more!

  • DEET FREE – pesticide Free-Non-Toxic
  • EPA Exempt – all ingredients are GRAS (Generally Regarded as SAFE)
  • Koolatron offers a complete line of natural insect repellents for the entire family
  • Repel mosquitoes, ticks, red fire ants, biting flies, fleas, no-see-ums, & even lice
  • Re-useable up to 120 hours when stored in the provide plastic pot between uses
  • Price: $49.99
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