Fall Into a Deep Sleep Faster Than Ever Before!

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The AcousticSheep SS4BM SleepPhones Sleep Aid System helps you fall asleep to a deep sleep faster. If you have trouble falling asleep, the relaxing Music for Dreams classical piano songs will help you get to sleep faster. If you have a snoring partner, listen to a flowing stream instead on the Nature Sounds CD. If you have loud neighbors, the birds on the Nature Sounds CD will help you ignore them. If you have tinnitus, the stream on the Nature Sounds CD distracts your ear so the noises seem less loud.

  • Helps you fall asleep faster to wake up more refreshed
  • Works against loud neighbors, tinnitus, and snoring partners
  • Doubles as a sleeping mask
  • Price: $64.95
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    Easily Dispense and Store your Food for up to 45 Days!

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    The stylish Indispensable Professional Dispenser accents any kitchen. It is also a practical accessory, as its powder-coated steel design ensures a durable, stain-resistant surface. The convenience of our Indispensable Dispensers portion control option is in the Indispensable Professional Dispenser too, as it uses the same dispensing mechanism. Cereal, granola, nuts, candy, trail mix and other dry foods are easily dispensed in one-ounce portions, and the dispenser is designed to keep the food fresh for 45 days. With three color choices, the Indispensable Professional Dispenser accents any kitchen.

  • Ideal for providing portion control of dry foods
  • Essential for at-home dispensing of bulk-purchased cereals, granola, nuts, beans and rice
  • Designed to preserve freshness for up to 45 days
  • Canisters are scratch-resistant & shatterproof
  • Holds 17.5 ounces of dry food in each canister
  • Great for the health or weight-conscious and for controlling snacking
  • Price: $69.48
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    Safety Glasses Aim Bright White LEDs at Work Space So You Won’t Need a Flashlight

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    Do you constantly find yourself having to ask your spouse, child, or assistant to hold your flashlight for you while you work? Ideal for plumbers, computer technicians, electricians, or anyone who regularly works on the car or in dim areas around the house, these LED lighted safety glasses provide Ultra Bright light to any project or task you are working on. They have Ultra Bright LED’s on each of the temples so that wherever you look; the light follows, illuminating your work area.

    They are lightweight, comfortable to wear and meet the latest Z87.1+ ANSI requirements.

    Perfect for Home Improvement Projects, Working on Cars, Crafts, Power Outages, or anytime you need eye protection and additional light, but need to keep your hands free.

  • Premium, lightweight, wrap style safety glasses
  • Meets Z87.1+ ANSI standards
  • 2 Ultra Bright LED’s are mounted on the temples of the Safety glasses
  • LED’s are adjustable up or down to get the light exactly where you need it.
  • Temples are adjustable to fit any size head
  • Operates on CR-2032 coin cell batteries (included) and provides 50+ hours of battery life and are easily replaced.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $19.99
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