A Flashlight and Radio that NEVER Runs out of Batteries!

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The iTouchless FR001G Forever Last Radio/Dynamo Flashlight is a battery-free AM/FM radio, flashlight, and table-top nightlight. 1 minute of cranking will give you 20 minutes of radio listening or 40 minutes of flashlight and nightlight. Because of its creative design, you can display it on tables, shelves, or next to your bed’s nightstands. Before you go to bed, crank it for music listing on your favorite radio stations. It will turn off automatically in 20 minutes while you are falling asleep. Let the flashlight shows your way to bathroom at the middle of night. Use it as emergency flashlight that never needs battery. Includes light cap for soft bright nightlight. Forever Radio and Forever Last Radio are trademarks of iTouchless Housewares & Products, Inc. Worldwide Design. Patent pending.

  • Dynamo AM/FM Radio/Flashlight/Nightlight
  • Nifty design with 3-in-1 multi-functions
  • Includes light cap for use as a night light
  • Price: $21.23
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    Monitor your Baby Wirelessly through the Internet from Virtually anywhere in the World!

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    The LV-TW500 is a wireless baby camera that allows you to keep an eye on your child from many different locations using the Internet. Simply mount the camera on your baby’s crib or place it in the play room and you can watch from any computer in the world. Interference-free digital technology ensures you will always see a clear picture and never experience static or interception.

  • Monitor your baby from anywhere in the world through the internet
  • Features night vision and a built-in night light
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Energy Star qualified power adapter and RoHS Compliant
  • Price: $109.11
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    New e-glasses aim to replace old bifocals

    I’m a lucky guy. I wear glasses, and I like wearing them. They’re sort of my way of saying, “Screw you, world, I’m an actual nerd!” My glasses are big, they’re black, and they make me look so good that I’ve destroyed all of my mirrors because I just can’t stand it. But they’re single index, meaning they’re not bifocals. Undoubtedly, though, one of these days (probably around the time I hit 40, according to the research), I’ll need to upgrade.

    But maybe I won’t be getting bifocals even then, as new, electronic glasses are set to roll out in the U.S. later this year that serve the same function. With the press of a button on the side of the frames, the thickness and shape of the lenses adapt to where the wearer is looking. Press once, and you’re in for a closeup view. Again, and you’re ready to see across the room. Again, and you’ve got the in-between mode.

    The lenses are made with a type of liquid crystal, sandwiched between traditional plastic lenses, that reacts according to the electrical charge passing through it. The frames run on rechargeable batteries. Pressing the button sends a low-wattage jolt through the liquid crystal, which expands or contracts to change the shape of the lenses, thereby changing the focal range. It’s simple in theory, but Virginia-based PixelOptics says it’s spent 10 years on its emPower series of glasses.

    It’s a great idea, but PixelOptics is taking it further. The company also has added sensors to the specs that allow them to adjust to different settings automatically. Look down to read a book and the frames become reading glasses. Look back up and they’re back to normal.

    Trials are under way now, but there’s no word on how much the premium for automatic glasses might be. They’ll almost certainly be more expensive than regular bifocals and, hopefully, they’ll come in a variety of styles. I am a snob, after all.

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    Control Your Home Entertainment Electronics Through Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

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    With the RedEye Universal Remote you can control your TV, stereo, cable box, DVD player, and many other devices. The RedEye Remote allows you to control nearly all of your home entertainment electronics without the clutter of multiple remotes. With the RedEye system you can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to control your TV, stereo, cable box, DVD player, and many other devices that receive standard (infrared) signals. In other words, no more hunting through your sofa cushions for all those different remotes – all the control you need is in a single device.

  • Multiple users, multiple rooms
  • Simple, elegant and intuitive interface
  • RedEye software updates are free and easily accessible
  • Plug-and-play
  • Multi-functional
  • Price: $188.00
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