Minimize Contact with Germs by using a Motion Activated Trashcan

Nine Stars Group USA Inc DZT-42-1 11.1 Gallon Motion Sensor Trashcan

This Nine Stars’ Motion Sensor Trash Can offers the latest in Infrared Motion Sensor Technology. This technology allows consumers to have little or no contact with trash. By avoiding or limiting contact with trash the chance of contracting germs that can lead to sickness or disease is decreased. In addition, these waste receptacles are perfect for the physically challenged since the opening of the lid occurs by detecting motion.

Nine Stars engineers spent hundreds of hours making adjustments in an effort to create the perfect fitting lid. Those efforts resulted in a tight fitting lid that insures odors will be kept inside the trash can. The lid also opens very efficiently and quietly.

  • Hands-free, infrared motion activated operation
  • Opens with a wave of the hand or object
  • Very quiet operation
  • Opens and closes 10,000 times before needing battery replacement
  • Price: $58.94
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    Also available in 13.2 Gallon Trashcan and 18.5 Gallon Recycle Trashcan

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