Large, Durable Cutting Surface with Foldable Sides

Joseph Joseph LREDC2P017SW Large Chop2Pot, Red

This innovative, award-winning chopping board uses polypropylene ‘living’ hinges to achieve its transformation.

Locked in the flat position, Chop2Potâ„¢ provides a durable, knife-friendly cutting surface. But when the handle is squeezed, the sides of the board fold up, forming a chute down which diced and chopped food can be neatly guided. Never spill carefully chopped ingredients on the hob again!

This product carries a 3 year warranty against breakage.

  • Foldable sides guide chopped food into bowls or pans – no more spills
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 48 x 27 1.5cm (Chopping area 36 x 27cm)
  • Price: $19.94
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