Dispenses the Perfect Amount of Food for your Cat or Small Dog, up to 8 Times a Day

Ergo Systems 2000BMF Electronic Mini Feeder

You’ll never have to wonder if you forgot to feed the dog again! The Ergo Systems 2000BMF Electronic Mini Feeder enables you to provide your pets with a preset quantity of food at the exact time you choose, up to eight times a day. The mini feeder is perfect for pet owners with unpredictable schedules – you’ll know your pet is getting fed, even you aren’t there. Preset the amount of dispensed food to ensure your pet gets the right amount of food every time. And with its airtight lid, you’ll know the food will stay fresh when it is dispensed. Requires four C batteries, and may also be used with a transformer.

  • Great for all types of small pets
  • Features digital timer with battery backup
  • Includes detachable storage container for easy cleaning
  • Large opening in food storage bin allows for easy restocking of food
  • Additional stackable food storage containers also available to increase storage capacity
  • Price: $88.96
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