CNet News: Pirate Bay sees ‘Iron Man 2’ ahead of U.S. debut

With the North American debut of “Iron Man 2” still five days away, scores of pirated copies of the comic-flick began popping up online this weekend.

The film, starring actor Robert Downey Jr., generated a whopping $100 million in ticket sales this weekend in its overseas debut, according to Reuters. Apparently, among the millions of International moviegoers to see the film were some hiding handheld cameras.

At The Pirate Bay on Sunday evening, there were dozens of copies of the Paramount Pictures’ film available for download. According to comments by users, the copies available were recorded by people sitting in the theater who videotaped the movie off the screen using handheld cameras. This kind of pirated film often offers mediocre viewing quality: unsteady picture, blocked views, and poor sound.

But at least one copy of the movie at The Pirate Bay received kudos for being a “decent copy.”

“Props for getting your hands on this so early,” wrote one Pirate Bay user. “You guys rock, thanks so much.”

This sort of theft is intensely disrespectful and damaging to those who pour their creativity and capital into movies and television,” said a spokesman for Viacom, parent company of Paramount Pictures. “It is time responsible governments put an end to it.

Hollywood has seen this kind of pre-release leak before.

A year ago, an unfinished copy of another comic-inspired film, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” appeared on the Web. In that case, the FBI arrested Gilberto Sanchez in December and charged him violating copyright law. The case is pending.

Kerry Gonzalez, the New Jersey man who uploaded the superhero film “Hulk” to the Web weeks before its 2003 theatrical release, pleaded guilty to felony copyright infringement and was sentenced to six months house arrest and ordered to pay a $7,000 fine.

Law enforcement authorities have traced the video-cam recording and bootlegging of movies to organized crime.

When it comes to the distribution of pirated works online, it’s unclear how much they actually harm ticket sales. Some people argue that when pirated copies circulate prior to a release they can ignite favorable word-of-mouth publicity–provided the film is any good.

The Motion Picture Association of America has said piracy is one of the main causes for shrinking DVD sales.

“Iron Man 2” is scheduled to debut in North America on Friday.

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Announces the Current Time or Date at the Touch of a Button

Consumer Sales Network CSN-SV02 Talking Atomic Alarm Clock

The CSN-SV02 Talking Atomic Alarm Clock combines the classic look of an analog clock face with the convenience of having the current time announced at the touch of a button and of never having to set the clock. And it’s easy to see and use. Touch the large button on top of the clock once to hear the current time announcement in a clear male voice and activate the LED backlight. Touch it again to hear the day and date.

Plus it receives a daily radio signal from the NIST Atomic Clock in Colorado that keeps it accurate to the millisecond and even accounts for Daylight Savings Time. Just set your time zone when you first receive the clock, and it’s all automatic from there on. You’ll never again have to set it ever again.

Note: Radio signal may not be received in all locations. In this case, the time can be set manually, however the day and date functions will not operate.

  • Great for visually impaired
  • Touch button once for time announcement
  • Touch again for day and date announcement
  • Time set by daily radio signal from atomic clock
  • Alarm with snooze
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    LampLinc - INSTEON Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module, 2-Pin

    The LampLinc – INSTEON Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module is a full-featured device that can be remotely controlled by a KeypadLinc, SmartLinc or any other INSTEON controller. This simple-to-use plug-in dimmer has advanced features like an adjustable ramp rate that slowly brings the lamp on, a preset dim level that stores your preferred choice of 32 brightness levels when turning the lamp on initially, as well as local control, so you can still use the lamp’s built-in switch to turn the light on and off. This LampLinc is made to be plugged into any wall outlet. This dimmer can control incandescent loads up to 300 watts.

  • Control a light remotely, turning it on and off and adjusting brightness levels
  • Full local control (Dim/Bright, On/Off)
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    Do-It-Yourself Security Starter Kit Includes 4 Top Grade Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

    SVAT Electronics CV301-8CH-002 8 Channel H.264 Smart DVR Security System with 4 Cameras

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  • Record over one month (1000 hours) of continuous video footage
  • iMenu will guide you through the entire setup process
  • View video online with no service fees from any computer with internet access
  • iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphone compatible
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  • Built-in USB port allows for multiple easy backup options
  • Price: $599.98
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