The Most Versatile Vehicle Organization System Available

Cocoon Innovations CPG30BK GRID-IT! Sun Visor Organizer, Black

The GRID-IT!™ series of products provides endless configurations for storing your digital devices and personal effects. The Cocoon Innovations CPG30 GRID-IT! Sun Visor Organizer is conveniently sized to attach directly t othe sun visor in your vehicle, making it so you can safely and easily store and find what you need while driving.

  • Organization. Redefined.
  • Ideal for pens, notepads, cellphones, chargers, wallets and more
  • Endless configurations
  • Designed to hold items firmly in place
  • Price: $17.40
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    May Is American Bike Month!

    This month is American Bike Month!

    So get out those old dusty bikes and celebrate! Take a trip and break away from the daily grind.

    It’s the weekend. Why not?!

    Here’s some reasons why you should:
    – It’s good for the earth
    – It’s cheap! No need to go to the gas station to fill up and no taxi driver to tip
    – It’s does many things for your health ( read more )
    – It’s a great excuse to just get out of the house 😉

    Smarthome also offers a wide variety of biking accessories. From locks to holders to lifts for your garage.

    Check out Smarthome’s Bike Accessories