24 Hour Timer Switch Features a Backlit LCD Screen

Leviton VPT24-1PZ Vizia 24 Hour LCD Timer Switch

The Vizia 24 hour Timer 120VAC, 60HZ, 1800W Incandescent, 15A Resistive/Inductive, 1HP, for single pole, 3-way or more locations, with astronomic clock, backlit LCD display, timer settings at a glance, green LED locator, neutral required.

  • High gloss finish complements any d├ęcor
  • Universal design
  • Green LED serves as locator light
  • Five-Year Limited Warranty
  • Price: $58.12
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    Need a Universal Power Supply Wall Adaptor? We’ve got one!

    Niles IS-12V 1.25A 12VDC Universal Power Supply

    The Niles IS-12V Universal power supply adaptor is the power adaptor used for Niles main system units. Can provide enough current for 6 automated switchers at the same time when plugged in to an outlet.

  • When Plugged Into A Switched Outlet, Provides Status To Niles Main System Units
  • Provides Enough Current To Trigger Up To Six Automated Switchers Simultaneously
  • Dimensions: 4″ Wide X 1-1/4″ High X 2-1/4″ Deep
  • Price: $20.94
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    High Output IR Flasher for Hidden Equipment

    Niles IRB1 High-Output IR Flasher

    The IRB1 is a small, cabinet-mount high output infrared flasher. When an IR remote sensor receives a command from a hand-held remote control, it sends a corresponding electronic signal through a wire to the main system unit. Here, the main system unit cleans and amplifies the electronic signal. Finally, the main system unit outputs the signal to the IR flasher which relays the infrared command to the audio/video component you wish to control. The IRB1 relays the infrared command using flashes of infrared light in a powerful flooding pattern from its two infrared LEDs. The output is extraordinarily accurate over a wide bandwidth. This allows the IRB1 to control most makes and models of IR controlled audio/video components.

  • Controls An Entire Stack Of Audio/video Components
  • High-power Output
  • Perfect For Mounting To The Inside Of A Cabinet Door Or At The Top Of An Equipment Rack
  • Adhesive Backing For Quick And Easy Mounting
  • Not Compatible With MSU140
  • Price: $27.85
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