Good Afternoon: 10 first steps to greener living

It all seems so daunting: Climate change. Carbon credits. Not to mention biofuels, hydrogen power and solar energy. The vocabulary of a new century. There’s a lot to learn.

The news is full of disturbing reports about global warming, threatened species, and the gradual realization that the way we live — particularly in developed nations — will have to change if we want to enjoy a clean and sustainable future.

But there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed. Every journey begins with a single step. We’ve rounded up the 10 easiest ways for you to start moving toward a lighter lifestyle. Some cost nothing at all. Others provide a lot of bang for your eco-dollar. In every case, these ideas will save you money, cut energy use, and help balance your household’s greenhouse gas budget — the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere to produce goods or electrical power.

So pick a few, and give them a try. Before long, you’ll establish the habits we all need to develop as we face the challenges of a resource-hungry planet.

1.) Make the switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).
2.) Monitor your thermostat.
3.) Clean or replace your air conditioning filter.
4.) Unplug idle appliances and electronic devices.
5.) Buy a low-flow shower head with a shutoff valve.
6.) Drive smarter.
7.) Get an annual tune-up for your car.
8.) Dust off that bike.
9.) Go meatless once a week.
10.) Buy local; buy in season.

And you’re on your way

By the time you’ve taken a few of these steps, you’ll probably be thinking of other actionable ways to present a lighter environmental footstep. And that’s how meaningful change begins: consistent, incremental improvements to the way we manage our personal and community resources. Join with Lighter Footstep in fashioning a wiser and more sustainable future.

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