Connect, Sync and Play iPod Without Disconnecting

Niles SmartDock2 Docking Station for iPod

The SmartDock2 is a 30-pin docking station for the iPod that includes an adjustable slide to accommodate various iPod sizes. The primary function of the SmartDock2 is to provide a bridge between a receiver such as the IntelliControl® ICS GXR2 or the Niles ZR-6 MultiZone Receiver and an adjacent computer. This configuration allows you to sync with iTunes and instantly switch back to the Niles System without ever having to remove the iPod from the SmartDock2 or disconnect cables.

  • The SmartDock2 Syncs An IPod To A Computer Without Disconnecting It From The Niles MultiZone System
  • Adjustable IPod Support Accommodates Different IPod Sizes And Shapes
  • When Switched To Computer, The IPod Charges From The Computer’s USB Connection
  • When Switched To Niles System, The IPod Charges From The Niles MultiZone System
  • The Light Switch Illuminated Green Indicates The Computer Mode
  • The Light Switch Illuminated Blue Indicates The Niles MultiZone System Mode
  • Power: USB Charging From Connected Computer Or Niles MultiZone System
  • Warranty: 2 year limited
  • Price: $149.94
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