Add a Central Connection Point for Speaker Wire Running Between your Amplifier, Volume Controls and/or Speakers

Niles VCHUB8 Volume Control Speaker Distribution Hub

The Niles VCHUB8 Volume Control Speaker Distribution Hub is a speaker distribution hub that mounts in a structured-wiring cabinet or on a wall. It connects between the speaker-level output of an amplifier or receiver and the Niles volume controls (sold separately) that adjust the sound level of your speakers. A system with volume controls for multiple speaker pairs connected directly to an amplifier or receiver requires a large number of connecting wires. This creates an unsightly and often inconvenient installation, and increases the potential for connection errors. The Niles VCS HUB8 eliminates such problems. Simply run a single set of wires from the amplifier or receiver to the distribution hub, and then connect each of the volume controls to the distribution hub. With the VCS HUB8, you can distribute the output from your amplifier or receiver to the volume controls for up to eight pairs of stereo speakers.

  • Accommodates Eight Pairs of Speakers
  • Reduces Wiring Clutter
  • Designed To Mount In Standard (6″ Center) Structured Wiring Cabinets
  • Snap-in ‘Christmas Tree’ Plugs Provided
  • Slotted Wings Allow For Vertical and Horizontal Mounting
  • Price: $65.79
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    Adjust the Volume of your Speakers Outdoors from a Convenient, Weatherproof In-Wall Volume Controller

    Niles WVC100 Weatherproof Stereo Volume Control with Selectable Impedance Magnification, Bone

    The Niles WVC100 Weatherproof Stereo Volume Control with Selectable Impedance Magnification is a weatherproof stereo impedance-magnifying volume controls that connect between the speaker-level output of an amplifier, speaker selector, or a Niles VCS HUB8 distribution hub and your speakers. The WVC 100 is a wall-mounted volume control designed specifically for environmental use. You can adjust the volume of remotely located speakers to which they are connected by attenuating the amplifier signal. To assure minimal dissipation of internal power with virtually no power wasted as heat, Niles volume controls use autoformers instead of L-pads as the volume-controlling element.

    The WVC 100 is an impedance-magnifying (IM) volume control. Unlike other brands, it has additional autoformer windings that magnify the impedance of connected speakers, while allowing all 12 steps to adjust the volume of the sound. Switches on the PC board select these windings. With the volume control providing impedance protection for your amplifier, you can create systems with no additional impedance-matching devices between the volume control and the amplifier.

    This product is also available in white or as a surface mount volume control, each sold separately.

  • Power Handling: 100 Watts per Channel RMS, 200 Watts Peak
  • Selectable Impedance Magnifying 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X
  • 12-step Control, 54dB Maximum Attenuation
  • Removable Screwless Connectors Accommodate Up To 14-gauge Wire
  • Pop-free Switching between All Steps
  • Price: $73.75
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    Good Morning! CNet Tech News: Bluetooth 4.0 spec gets finalized

    The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has completed its promising specification for Bluetooth 4.0, though we’ll have to wait until the end of the year to buy devices that use the new technology.

    Announcing the completion of Bluetooth 4.0 at its all-hands meeting in Seattle on Tuesday, the Bluetooth SIG is touting the spec for its ability to work with low-energy devices, such as watches and health sensors. But Bluetooth 4.0 will also provide higher speeds for peripherals to communicate with mobile phones, computers, and other gadgets.

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