Adjust the Volume of a Pair of Speakers from a Convenient Wall Mounted Knob

Niles VCS100R Stereo Volume Control with Selectable Impedance Magnification, Almond

The Niles VCS100R Stereo Volume Control with Selectable Impedance Magnification is a wall mount, stereo speaker volume control. It connects between the speaker-level output of an amplifier, speaker selector, or distribution hub and a pair of speakers. A perfect application for the VCS 100 is adjusting the volume of remotely located speakers. The VCS 100 adjusts the volume of speakers connected to it by attenuating the amplifier signal. To assure minimal dissipation of internal power with virtually no power wasted as heat, Niles volume controls use autoformers instead of L-pads as the volume-controlling element. The VCS 100 is an impedance-magnifying (IM) volume control. Unlike other brands, it has additional autoformer windings that magnify the impedance of connected speakers, while allowing all 12 steps to adjust the volume of the sound. Switches on the PC board select these windings. With the volume control providing impedance protection for your amplifier, you can create systems with no additional impedance-matching devices between the volume control and the amplifier.

This product is also available in bone, black, brownand white, each sold separately.

  • Power Handling: 100 Watts per Channel RMS
  • 200 Watts Peak
  • Selectable Impedance Magnifying: 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X
  • 12-step Control, 54dB Maximum Attenuation
  • Removable Screwless Connectors Accommodate Up To 14-gauge Wire
  • Pop-free Switching between All Steps
  • Removable Knob and Decora Snap-in Color Inserts For Quick And Easy Color Changes
  • Recommended For Use with Niles VCS HUB8 Speaker Distribution Hub
  • Price: $67.45
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    Distribute a Single Audio/Video Source to Three Destinations

    Niles AVDA-3 Source Level Stereo Audio/Video Distribution Amplifier

    The Niles AVDA-3 Source Level Stereo Audio/Video Distribution Amplifier allows you to take a signal from an audio/video component and send it out to one, two, or three different TVs, monitors, or receivers. Unlike y-splitters which can cause signal loss, this high-quality distribution amplifier splits the signal without any signal degradation. The Niles AVDA-3 can be either mounted on a wall using screws or placed on shelf using the included adhesive rubber feet.

  • One Stereo Audio Input & Three Stereo Audio Outputs
  • One Video Input & Three Video Outputs
  • Audio/video Cascade Outputs
  • Gold-plated RCA Connectors
  • Includes 15Volt power supply
  • Dimensions: 6-13/16″ Wide X 3-7/8″ High X 1-5/16″ Deep
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 year limited
  • Price: $125.95
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    SONY: Remarkable Noise Reduction and Pristine Audio Quality

    Sony NC300D Digital Noise Cancelling Headphones

    The MDR-NC300D headphones are equipped with a feed-forward noise canceling (NC) mechanism which cancels noise near the eardrum by estimating what kind of noise it will be when it reaches the eardrum based on the ambient noise collected by the noise detection microphone, and generating an inverted sound waveform. The noise canceling performance greatly depends on the efficiency and precision of the NC circuit to generate the noise canceling waveform. The NC circuit uses the newly developed integrated DNC processor. Compared with the previous analog type, it boasts excellent noise canceling performance and outstanding sound quality.

  • Precise noise canceling using digital technology
  • Three distinct noise-canceling modes for airplanes, trains, and the office
  • Up to 98.4% ambient noise reduction (at 160Hz)
  • 16mm driver units for wider frequency response
  • In line volume control and monitor button
  • Price: $269.99
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