Variety of Options to Conceal Speaker Wire Inside Walls with Safe Connection Points on an Attractive Wall Plate

Niles 5W-2D Two Five-Way to Five-Way Connectors, Almond

The Niles 5W-2D Two Five-Way to Five-Way Connectors provide a professional finish to any home audio speaker installation and is a great way to eliminate unsightly dangling speaker wires. This attractive, convenient wall-mount outlet makes your amplifier to speaker connections, whether temporary or permanent, attractive and easy. This piece of hardware features one pair of solderless 5-way binding posts with positive and negative connections on the both the front and back for a single speaker. The Niles 5W-2D is a simple solution for routing speaker wires to the inside of your walls with clean connection points. The ive-Way to Five-Way Connectors accept banana connectors, pin connectors, spade connectors or up to 10-gauge bare wire. It has Decora-style design and includes a matching Decora-style wall plate.

  • 5-way binding posts offer maximum hookup flexibility
  • Gold plated connectors ensures long life and freedom from corrosion
  • Solderless connectors make wiring a snap
  • For use with a single speaker
  • Price: $15.25
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    This product is also available in bone and white.

    For a pair of speakers, this product is also available with four connectors (almond), four connectors (bone) and four connectors (white).

    For two pairs of speakers, this product is also available with eight connectors (almond), eight connectors (bone) and eight connectors (white).

    Current Sense-triggered Switch Gives Virtually any A/V Component a Switched AC Outlet

    Niles APC-2 Current Sensing Outlet Switcher

    The Niles APC-2 Current Sensing Outlet Switcher is great way to automate turning on and off multiple plug-in devices at one time. In simplest terms, the unit senses when one device has been turned on and activates another outlet to automatically turn on other connected devices. For example, connect your home theater components to the Niles APC-2 and then connect the Niles APC-2 to the switched outlet on your amplifier or receiver. When you turn on the receiver the device automatically switches on the rest of the equipment. It’s an easy way to turn your home theaters on and off, and the receiver becomes the only device in standby mode, saving energy. Please refer to the sample home theater application diagram. While this is just a sample application, other devices can be used in the same fashion.

  • Three AC Outlets – One Current Sensing (requires Min. 30W Current Draw Differential Between On/off For Reliable Sensing), One Switched, One Unswitched
  • 1,500W Maximum (all Outlets Combined)
  • APC-2 Is Activated By Current Sensing Outlet Or 12Volt DC Signal (100mA Minimum)
  • 12Volt Control Output for Activating Other Niles Devices like SPK-1, AVS-2, AC-3, Or RFS-1
  • N.O. (normally Open) And N.C. (normally Closed) Relay Contacts for Controlling Other Devices Such As Electric Screens, Motorized Lifts and Drapes, Etc.
  • Price: $215.95
  • *Only 2 in Stock!

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