Connect up to 10 Pairs of Speakers to One Amplifier or Receiver

The Niles SMS-10C Rack-Mount Speaker Distribution / Impedance Matching System with Cover is a great way to send audio out to 10 pairs of speakers (20 speakers total) from one receiver or amplifier. The autoformer matching system maintains a nominal 8 ohm load on the receiver or amplifier and prevents the loss of power associated with conventional resistive protection methods. Each of the up to 10 pairs of speakers can have a nominal impedance anywhere between 4 and 16 ohms. Programming pins are included on each autoformer, making installation easy and specific to the number of speakers being used. The Niles SMS-10C was designed for use with a standard 19″ wide equipment rack and will only take up 2 rack spaces. This version features a sealed metal cover that allows all the wiring to be contained within the cover. Eight electrical box type knockouts (3/4″ in diameter) are provided for installations requiring a conduit.

This product is also available in without a sealed metal cover .

  • Power handling: 200 watts per channel RMS
  • Adjustable impedance to match between 4-, 6-, or 8-ohm protection
  • Premium autoformers ensure efficient impedance matching, low power loss, and no heat generation
  • Enables direct attachment of 3/4″ conduit for wiring
  • Top of cover has eight electrical box style knockouts
  • Price: $439.95
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    Automate Power by Turning Components On and Off based on a Voltage Trigger

    Niles AC-3 Voltage-Triggered AC Power Strip

    The Niles AC-3 Voltage-Triggered AC Power Strip can be used to control the AC power of amplifier, receivers, source components, surround sound systems, home theater systems, or for any application where a voltage-activated AC outlet is preferred. The AC-3 has three grounded outlets -two switched and one unswitched. The two switched are activated by applying 12 volts DC to the AC-3’s “Control Input” connector. A “Control Output” connector is also provided (it is connected internally in parallel with the Control Input). The Control Output can be used to control additional AC-3’s by ‘daisy-chaining ‘ them together (a maximum of six may be daisy-chained together).

  • Three AC Outlets – Two Switched, One Unswitched
  • 1,500W Maximum (all Outlets Combined)
  • AC-3 Is Activated By 12Volt DC Signal (100mA Minimum)
  • Requires 12Volt DC Adapter To Trigger AC-3 From The Switched Outlet Of A Receiver Or Preamp, Can Also Be Triggered By The 12volt Output Of A Niles APC-2, AC-3, SPK-1, SAS-1 Or RFS-1
  • 12Volt Control Output For Activating Other Niles Devices Such as APC-2, AC-3, SPK-1, SAS-1 Or RFS-1
  • Price: $124.99
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