Easily Setup and Manage an INSTEON® Network Locally or Remotely from a Standard Internet Connection

ISY-99i INSTEON Compatible Automation Controller with Dual-Band PLM

The ISY-99i is one of the most advanced INSTEON controllers on the market and has a ton of features to satisfy the most advanced DIY’er or seasoned home control enthusiast. If you need unbridled control, the ISY-99i is your controller.

The ISY-99i supports up to 256 devices and scenes and a maximum of 300 programs. The ISY-99i controller is able to configure and program INSTEON devices using INSTEON native protocols and specifications. This allows it to directly write to INSTEON devices internally instead of just in the controller, creating a more robust network. You can set up timer events and custom event triggers, as well as monitor and control all the INSTEON-compatible devices in your home from any web-browser anywhere in the world. Now you can check if the lights in your house were left on and remotely control them from your computer at the office.

  • Kit Comes Complete with ISY-99i Controller and the new INSTEON Dual-Band PLM (PowerLinc Modem)
  • Configure and Program INSTEON Devices
  • Remotely Accessible from any Standard Web Browser
  • Does Not Require a PC to Operate
  • Supports 256 Device and Scene Control and 300 Programs
  • Price: $349.00
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    Expand a Component’s Audio Input to Accommodate up to Five Audio Sources

    Niles AXP-1 Auxiliary Input Selector

    The Niles AXP-1 Auxiliary Input Selector is a five input, one output box designed to allow multiple audio sources to feed into a single audio input. The outputs of each of audio source component connect to the audio inputs of the Niles AXP-1. The output of the Niles AXP-1 is connected to the unused input on your Preamp, Integrated Amplifier or Receiver. All connections are made with standard double-male RCA cables, sold separately. This simple device solves the hookup and interconnection problems of having multiple components each with an audio output and an amplifier or receiver with fewer audio inputs. Once connected, you can quickly select your desired audio source by turning the rotary dial on the front of the Niles AXP-1.

  • Five RCA Audio Inputs, One RCA Audio Output
  • Rotary Switch Selector
  • Tabletop Unit
  • Gold-plated RCA Connectors
  • Dimensions: 5-1/8″ wide x 2-1/2″ high x 5-7/16″ deep
  • Price: $89.95
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