Provides Your Pets With a More Convenient Drinking Position

Ergo Systems 2000FFS Pet Feeder Adjustable Raiser / Stand, Finished

Make eating and drinking a more ergonomic experience for your four-legged friends with the Ergo Systems 2000FFS Pet Feeder Adjustable Raiser / Stand. Adjust the stand’s height as needed to improve your pet’s health by providing a raised feeding position above floor level. When food is placed on an elevated stand, your pet will no longer need to position its head downward to feed, making mealtime a more comfortable experience for them. Perfect for pets suffering from reduced neck mobility or arthritis!

  • Provides an ergonomic approach to feeding time
  • Height is adjustable from 21″ to 34″ for your pet’s convenience
  • Reduces the amount of unnecessary air swallowed during feeding
  • Stand is typically comprised of renewable wood material
  • Includes screws, bolts and wing nuts
  • Price: $40.99
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    Waterer also available

    Both are also available unfinished:
    Pet Waterer, unfinished
    Pet Feeder, unfinished

    Monitor Movement Around Your Home

    Skylink Technologies, Inc. PS-434A Wireless Motion Sensor increases security by detecting movement inside or outside your home. Using a ball-head joint, simply mount the sensor at a desired location and it will sense movement up to 40 feet away in a 110 degree range. The detection range can be adjusted by simply tilting the sensor up and down and an internal switch allows the sensitivity to be adjusted. The sensor transmits a wireless signal to any SkyLink secuirty system.

  • Protects your home by detecting movement inside your house
  • Monitors your front/back yard and driveway
  • Motion detecting range: 40 feet by 110 degree arc
  • Easy to set up with ball-joint mounting kit
  • 9V alkaline battery included
  • Price: $25.91
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