Great Summer Product: Monitor the Temperature of your Pool from the Comfort of your Home

P3 International E9310 Wireless Pool Thermometer

The P3 International E9310 Wireless Pool Thermometer is a battery-operated high quality instrument which will measure the water temperature in swimming pools, garden ponds, spas, etc. It is water-proof and will float on the water’s surface. The thermometer includes a temperature display. Water temperature can be displayed in degrees Fahrenheit (° F) or Centigrade (° C). A large, easy-to-read display shows water temperature and allows you to quickly decide if conditions are right for you and your children to swim.

  • Accurately measures water temperature to within 2%
  • Large LCD display for ease of use
  • Durable construction for long life
  • Contains a wireless transmitter for use with P3 in-home weather stations (sold separately)
  • Price: $44.94
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    Stay One Step Ahead of the Weather with a Wireless Weather Station

    P3 International E9250 Wireless Professional Weather Station

    The P3 International E9250 Metric Wireless Professional Weather Station displays weather data and calculates the weather forecast for your area. It displays indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, air pressure trends, air pressure history, rainfall measurement and wind speed.

  • Measures temperature, rainfall, barometric pressure and wind speed
  • Wireless technology allows outdoor unit to communicate with indoor display
  • Easy to use display panel with programmable functions
  • Works with external sensors for even more functionality.
  • Outdoor unit collects data and sends it to the indoor display panel for easy weather monitoring
  • Indoor unit features a complete display of critical weather data
  • Built-in Wiz Kid automatically recommends proper attire based on weather conditions
  • Price: $180.48
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