Heavy-Duty Mechanical Timer with 48 On/Off Settings and Requires No Tools to Program

Westek TM101 125 Volt SPST 40 Amp Hardwire Indoor Heavy Duty Mechanical Timer Switch

The Westek Heavy Duty Indoor Mechanical Timer Switch is perfect for a variety of application such as pools, spas, fountains, water heaters, outdoor lighting and signs, plus office and commercial uses. The sturdy steel housing is lockable to prevent tampering. It has 48 On and 48 Off settings, requires no tools to be programmed, and the non-removable pins cannot be lost.

  • Switch ratings are: 125V, DPST, and 40 AMP
  • 3 position On/Off timer Switch
  • 15 minute increments for maximum programming flexibility
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • LED indicator lights
  • 48 on/off settings
  • Price: $69.99
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    Trigger an INSTEON Device or Scene to Turn On or Off based on Lighting Conditions

    SimpleHomeNet EZEye Ambient Light Sensor

    The EZEye is an advanced light sensor which matches the spectral sensitivity of the human eye. This is important when detecting or measuring lighting conditions in locations influenced by incandescent, fluorescent and natural light sources, where other types of sensors like photocells can give imprecise measurements. Typical uses of the sensor include daytime/nighttime determination, automated closure of drapes, protection of light sensitive goods, optimization of plant growth based on illumination, home theater control, etc.

    The EZEye has two types of outputs which an be used concurrently and do not interact with each other. The analog output is used when the illumination level needs to be measured (discrete values). This could be incorporated in an automation sequence where you might want the lights in your home to brighten up as the level of light outside goes down, rather than just having them turn on at a given time at one preset level. The digital output is used to determine if the illumination is above or below a certain threshold which is adjusted with the potentiometer on the back of the EZEye. The digital level will be on when the signal is above the set threshold. This could be integrated in an automation sequence where you may want your drapes to close when the ambient light in the room rises above a preset level.

  • Analog outputs allows for sensing ambient light in various discrete values
  • Digital output allows for establishing a threshold set point
  • Light sensor matches the spectral sensitivity of the human eye
  • Use in conjunction with EZIO devices to trigger INSTEON scenes based on light levels
  • Price: $19.99
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