Automates Appliances With up to 7 Programs Per Week With a Random Programming Option

Westek TE04WHB Digital Timer

The TE04WHB Digital Timer gives you precise control over lights, appliances, and other devices–down to the second. You can program up to 7 programs per week, or choose a random programming option. This efficient home timer includes a battery backup for enhanced dependability

  • Features seven programs per week
  • Includes a random programming option
  • Accurate to the second
  • Accepts one 2-prong plug
  • Includes a battery backup
  • For indoor use only
  • Price: $14.37
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    Detects Movement in a Specific Area for Unauthorized Entry or Intrusion

    Sensaphone WSR-0105 Wireless Motion Sensor

    This sensor includes a built-in radio transmitter, and three AA alkaline batteries to power the device. The batteries will provide up to three years of service. The device will detect motion of heat sources using infrared sensing technology and transmit this information to the Sensaphone 2800 using wireless technology.

  • Wireless motion sensor
  • Built-in radio transmitter with infrared technology
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries, lasting approximately 3 years
  • Price: $175.50
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    Don’t forget extra repeaters