Assists You When Parking in Your Garage

GE 50487 Parking Alert

Let the GE Parking Alert help you consistently guide your car to a safe stopping distance. The Parking Alert is low maintenance, easy to install, and operates for up to one year without having to replace the batteries under normal use. The GE Parking Alert consists of a sensor module and a display module. The sensor module transmits harmless ultrasound pulses that are reflected by an incoming object. When a vehicle is detected, more pulses are transmitted to track the incoming vehicle speed and distance. The display unit, mounted where the driver can easily see it, uses a bright flashing YELLOW light to indicate that the vehicle has been detected. When the vehicle reaches the desired stopping distance, a RED light will illuminate and stay on.

  • Detects distance from vehicle to wall
  • Mount anywhere using velcro (included) or screw mounting (included)
  • Features ultrasonic range-finding technology
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Works in almost all temperatures
  • Price: $18.98
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    Battery-Operated Touch Lights For Anywhere Extra Light is Needed

    Product Title (In box)

    Ideal for stairs and walkways, the battery operated light installs anywhere without the hassle of costly wiring. This energy-efficient easy touch light uses LED lighting technology that is cool to the touch and long lasting.

  • Ideal for stairs, decks, basements, attics, closets and walkways
  • No bulbs to replace
  • Convenient key holes for mounting
  • Easy to open for battery replacement
  • Requires four AA batteries (not included)
  • Price: $16.98
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