Everything you need for Wireless Remote Control of a Plug-in Light or Appliance

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Convenience at your fingertips. GE Smart Remote Plus technology allows you to link your home’s lighting and appliances to wireless remotes. No rewiring is needed. The GE 51138 Smart Remote Plus Wireless Indoor Outlet Receiver with Wall Switch is a simple starter kit that allows you to remotely control a plug in device, such as a lamp, and turn it on from a wireless switch that can be mounted almost anywhere in your home. The outlet receiver simply plugs into an available receptacle and the battery powered switch can be mounted on your wall or just used as a tabletop remote.

The GE Smart Remote Plus advantage – Any transmitter in the GE Smart Remote Plus product line is capable of of controlling every receiver, the ultimate in home convenience. Control any number of light fixtures or appliances from up to 150 feet away.

  • Wireless Freedom
  • Use Interchangeably with All Smart Remote+ Products
  • 150 foot Range
  • 8 Separate Channels to Control Different Areas w/ 1 Remote
  • 4 Separate House Codes to Eliminate Interference
  • Wall Switch Requires one 12V Battery (included)
  • Price: $34.94
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    Add Remote Control to Any Screw-in Light Bulb and Expand Your Smart Remote Plus System

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    Use GE’s Socket Receiver with Wall Switch to add wireless remote control to any light switch, with no rewiring. Can be used with all GE Smart Remote Plus products to create a home automation system to fit your needs.

  • Wireless freedom
  • Use interchangeably with all Smart Remote Plus products
  • 150 foot range
  • 8 separate channels to control different areas with one remote
  • 4 separate house codes to eliminate interference
  • Wall switch requires 1 12volt battery (included)
  • Price: $23.98
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