Convenient Halogen Light Plugs into your Vehicle’s 12 Volt Outlet

Product Title (In box)

Turning on the overhead light or the vanity lights can be dangerous and distracting when you’re driving as it may interfere with the ability to see outside the car clearly. The Maxsa Innovations, LLC 20055 Halogen Map Light for Cars gives passengers the light they need without distracting the driver. Simply plug the light into a 12 Volt power outlet (or cigarette lighter outlet) to have an instant clear, bright light at your fingertips. Now you won’t have to search the console or the glove box to find a flashlight. This light also has a 10″ flexible arm that makes it easy to read a map or find something that was dropped. This map light is a valuable accessory for any frequent traveler to have available in the car.

  • Bright halogen bulb
  • Reflector and diffuser provide uniform light distribution
  • 10 inch flexible arm keeps light in position
  • Plugs into any 12V automotive outlet
  • Convenient ON/OFF switch allows you to keep the light plugged in at all times
  • Elegant glossy black finish
  • Price: $14.94
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