Perfect for Single-Outlet use for HD TV’s, Audio Components, Computers and More

Product Title (In box)

The Plug In Protector is a low cost plug-in module protected by Innovolt’s Patent Pending CVSS Technology. This protector is perfect for single-outlet use such as HDTV’s, audio components computers, monitors, printers, copiers, home appliances, scanners, IT equipment, medical equipment, and test equipment with
loads rated up to 8 Amps. Team up the Plug In Protector with the Power Doctor to examine quantity and type of disturbances encountered and protected against.

CVSS (Current and Voltage Surge Suppression) Technology protects electronic equipment from the 5 Major Power Grid Disturbances, including:

Voltage Sags that cause dangerous Current Inrush events

Over Voltage that damages equipment and most power protectors

Voltage Surges caused by lightning and other electrical disturbances

Brownouts (Under Voltage)

Power Outages

Such disturbances are the root cause of equipment malfunction and failure. INDEPENDENT OF PRICE, NO OTHER POWER PROTECTION DEVICE OFFERS THIS LEVEL OF PROTECTION.

The Quick-Check Diagnostic Summary feature comes standard, providing details of the type of disturbance last encountered and protected against.

  • 5 Protection Modes to guard against the 5 Major Power Grid Disturbances
  • Ultra Fast Protection against the most common disturbance – Voltage Sag
  • Ultra Fast reaction to dangerous Over Voltage
  • Microprocessor based Power Grid Disturbance detection and Protection
  • LED Displays most recent disturbances encountered and protected against for 60 minutes /strong>
  • Price: $44.99
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