Covers Unsightly Wall Outlets with an Night Light

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Cover unsightly wall outlets with this energy-efficient, LED night light and use just pennies worth of electricity per year. Provide a unique way to add style into your home. GE CoverLites run on long-life LEDs and are cool to the touch. Includes an efficient light-sensing device that turns the light off at dawn and on at dusk.

  • Long-Life LED – no bulbs to replace
  • Classic white color
  • Energy efficient
  • Cool to the touch
  • Can be positioned to keep seconds outlet free for use
  • Price: $8.98
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    Also Available:

    GE 11219 CoverLite Automatic On/Off, Brushed Nickel
    GE 11219 CoverLite Automatic On/Off, Brushed Nickel
    GE 12235 LED CoverLite Always On, White
    GE 12235 LED CoverLite Always On, White

    Increases Reliability of Your Choice Alert System

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    Increase reliability of your Choice Alert System with the Signal Repeater. This plug-and-play device extends the Choice Alert signal up to an additional 150 feet. By installing Signal Repeaters, you ensure your home security system is the best it can be.

  • Expands the signal range of sensors up to 150 feet
  • Add as many Signal Repeaters as needed
  • Plug and play
  • Plug in anywhere inside your home (garages, sheds, workshops, second floors)
  • Operates up to 150 feet
  • Price: $22.96
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    Flashing LED Safety Vest allows you to be Safe and Seen at Night or in Dark Areas

    Maxsa Innovations, LLC 20026XL 16 LED Reflective Safety Vest

    The 16 LED Reflective Safety Vest is ideal for walkers, joggers, bikers, construction workers, traffic directors, or anyone who is out at night! The vest has a one size fits all design made of flexible lightweight mesh with a highly reflective fluorescent material. It even has a pocket for your cell phone, iPod or other portable devices. 16 super bright LED lights can stay on continuously or flash 150 times per minute. LEDs require the use of two AA batteries, sold separately.

  • 16 super bright red LED lights
  • Lights can flash or stay on continuously
  • Highly reflective fluorescent bands
  • Flexible lightweight mesh
  • Hook-and-loop closures – one size fits all
  • Visible from up to 1/2 mile away
  • Price: $19.99
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    24-Hour Timer will Automatically Turn Off a Light or Appliance

    GE 06685 24-Hour Mechanical Timer Switch, White

    Save energy and money by automating your lights, exhaust fans, heaters and other appliances with the GE 06685 24-Hour Mechanical Timer Switch. Just turn the dial to the desired time, up to 24 hours, to start the countdown. When the countdown is complete, your light or appliance will automatically shut off.

  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Set timer in 30 minute intervals
  • Convenient override switch
  • Replaces a standard wall switch or older mechanical timers
  • Ideal for lights, fans and heaters
  • Single-Pole/Single-Throw
  • Price: $9.99
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    Also Available:

    GE 06682 60-Minute Mechanical Countdown Timer Switch, Silver
    GE 06682 60-Minute Mechanical Countdown Timer Switch, Silver
    GE 06684 12-Hour Mechanical Countdown Timer Switch, White
    GE 06684 12-Hour Mechanical Countdown Timer Switch, White

    Convenient Halogen Light Plugs into your Vehicle’s 12 Volt Outlet

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    Turning on the overhead light or the vanity lights can be dangerous and distracting when you’re driving as it may interfere with the ability to see outside the car clearly. The Maxsa Innovations, LLC 20055 Halogen Map Light for Cars gives passengers the light they need without distracting the driver. Simply plug the light into a 12 Volt power outlet (or cigarette lighter outlet) to have an instant clear, bright light at your fingertips. Now you won’t have to search the console or the glove box to find a flashlight. This light also has a 10″ flexible arm that makes it easy to read a map or find something that was dropped. This map light is a valuable accessory for any frequent traveler to have available in the car.

  • Bright halogen bulb
  • Reflector and diffuser provide uniform light distribution
  • 10 inch flexible arm keeps light in position
  • Plugs into any 12V automotive outlet
  • Convenient ON/OFF switch allows you to keep the light plugged in at all times
  • Elegant glossy black finish
  • Price: $14.94
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    Alarm Sounds when Window is Opened

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    The GE 56789 Wireless Window Alarm is a quick and affordable way to add security to your home. It is battery powered so no professional wiring or installation is required. Simple mount the magnetic sensor to the window using double sided tape and mount the alarm on the frame. When you want the alarm active, just switch the alarm to the ON position. When then the sensor moves away from the alarm (when the window is opened) a loud 120 Decibel Alarm will activate.

  • Easy to Install – No Wiring Necessary
  • 120 Decibel Alarm
  • Requires 4 LR44 Batteries (Included)
  • Concealed ON/OFF Switch for Protection
  • Price: $6.59
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    Add Beautiful, Automated Accent Lighting to your Home in Minutes

    Maxsa Innovations, LLC 40219 Motion-Activated Wall Sconce

    The Motion-Activated Wall Sconce is a great lighting accent and is perfect for areas where electricity is not available. A built-in LED light is solar-powered so it can be installed in almost any location that receives direct sunlight. The light automatically turns on when motion is detected at night for security, safety, and convenience. Easy DIY installation – no wiring – no electrician needed.

  • Have a Wall Sconce where there is no electricity
  • Perfect for porches, doorways, or anywhere outdoors around the house
  • LED lights automatically turn on when motion is detected at night
  • No wiring or electricity needed
  • Solar powered, uses free energy from the sun
  • Price: $29.94
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