Refurbished SmartLinc Controller* : Schedule and Control Your INSTEON-Compatible Devices from a Web-Enabled PC, Phone or PDA

Product Title (In box)

SmartLinc is an affordable and flexible central controller that integrates INSTEON technology with any web-enabled mobile device through Wi-Fi and cellular communication. SmartLinc has been designed for optimal use with an iPhone or iPod touch as a mobile touch screen; however, there are customizable user-downloadable server applications that provide a flexible interface for any web-enabled device. Control or create timers for INSTEON devices or scenes or watch and control your IP enabled surveillance camera. This model has been refurbished with v2.0 features that include Status/Feedback, Sunrise/Sunset Support for Timers, Enhanced Thermostat Status and Control, Start/Stop Dimming, Advanced Custom Control and more. From inside your home, in the backyard, at work, in the car or on vacation halfway around the world, SmartLinc puts the power of managing your entire INSTEON home automation network in the palm of your hands!

Smartlinc Central Controller Diagram

  • Allows mobile web-enabled devices to remotely control INSTEON compatible devices
  • Stores and executes On and Off timers for your devices, all without a PC
  • IP camera support allows for remote surveillance and camera control
  • Customizable web interface makes controlling your home easy
  • Sunrise and sunset timer support, device status feedback and thermostat support
  • Refurbished unit features same high quality and warranty as new for reduced price
  • Price: $99.99
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