Scented Candle with Non-Flammable LED Bulbs that Simulate a Real Candle Flame

Battery-Operated Sweet Biscotti Scented LED Flicker Candle, Textured Beeswax, 3x6

While candles can add beautiful ambience to any setting, even a mild breeze can turn a small candle into a dangerous fire hazard. In addition they don’t last long and can become costly to replace. But this long-lasting battery-operated candle uses non-flammable LED bulbs that offers a realistic flickering light that imitates natural candle flame action. Made of real sweetened biscotti scented wax that has a distressed texture in beeswax color, it offers an authentic aroma, feel and look. This flame-less candle runs on battery power, you’ll never have to worry about the flame burning out of control. The Battery-Operated Sweet Biscotti Scented LED Flicker Candle is powered by four AA batteries, sold separately.

Also available in Limegrass Cypress Scented and Pomegranate Passion Scented.

  • Battery powered, no need to run an electrical cord to an outlet
  • Realistic flickering LED bulbs simulate candlelight, without the worry of fire or heat
  • Made of sweetened biscotti scented wax with a distressed texture
  • Dim and bright modes offer up to 180 hours light on one set of batteries
  • 100,000 hour triple-LED light source will last approximately 10 years
  • Price: $19.99

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