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Handheld Recorder Takes Color and Still Images or Functions as a Webcam

May 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Mini Gadgets MINIDV-VOICE Mini Camera with Audio, Web CapableThe latest in audio recording technology is here. This unit features not only the ability to hold up to 75 hours of audio recordings but with its attached camera it takes color video and still images, it can even function as a web cam! It’s built in Li-Ion battery means you’ll never have to worry about buying batteries and its internal 4GB storage eliminates fumbling with pesky SD Cards while providing plenty of storage capacity. The unit charges easily with the included USB cable either directly from your PC or via the included wall adapter. The USB cable also allows for simple plug and play recovery of all your recordings, be it audio or video.
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Try Out a Stylish Wristwatch that Also has a Hidden Camera

November 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Mini Gadgets TTDRed Covert Watch Camera/DVR - Red

  • Looks and works like a real wristwatch
  • Water resistant
  • Records both audio and video
  • Choose from 30 or 60 frames per second resolution
  • Built-in encryption software prevents tampering

Your surveillance can stay completely discreet with this hidden camera. This wristwatch can be used as a regular time keeping watch but also contains a hidden camera. Its internal memory can record up to 4GB of footage with a resolution of 640 x 480, with adjustable frames per second (30 or 60). The watch records both audio and video and can also double as a webcam. Files can easily be transferred to you computer with the included USB cable. Footage is automatically assigned time and date stamps, making it easier to identify and categorize your videos. Built-in encryption software prevents others from accessing your footage or data should they somehow get a hold of the watch. Read more

Crime Rates Increase During the Holidays, Protect Your Home from Theft

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Nearly 400,000 burglaries occur in the U.S. from November through December each year. The National Crime Prevention Council recommends that homeowners improve home security to protect their homes from break-ins during the holidays.



Don’t be a statistic. Protect your home and your family during the upcoming holiday season!

Night Owl FS-8500 8 Channel H.264 Video Security Kit

  • Delivers stunning video quality at remarkably low data rates
  • Features remote access and control through an internet connection
  • Allows user to view all cameras remotely on select 3G smart phone
  • Motion-activated to conserve disk space
  • Records up to one (1) year of video
  • Indoor/Outdoor cameras provide 400 TV lines of resolution
  • Triplex technology allows you to record, playback and view remotely, all at the same time
  • User friendly icon-based interface includes both a USB mouse and remote control
  • Sleek compact design

The Night Owl FS-8500 Network DVR Security System is an advanced H.264 smart DVR that allows the user to access it remotely from both the internet via Internet Explorer and/or select 3G smart cell phones including your iPhone. The Night Owl FS-8500 Network DVR Security System includes 8 indoor/outdoor night vision cameras with 60ft of cable per camera, a pre-installed 500GB security hard drive and a simple point and click interface all combined into an easy to use H.264 smart DVR. This Night Owl FS-8500 Network DVR Security System gives you the ability to monitor your home or business remotely, which is a must in today’s environment.

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Install and Easy Wireless Surveillance System that Records on SD Cards

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment

SecurityMan HomeDVR-KT1 Outdoor Wireless Camera System Kit

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Camera has IR LEDs for taking video even in total darkness
  • Expandable to two cameras
  • Range up to 100′
  • Interference-free
  • Records video and audio on an SD card

If you like the convenience of a wireless surveillance system but have suffered interference from WiFi or the many 2.4/5.8GHz devices we all have scattered around our homes, here’s the solution. SecurityMan’s technology allows interference-free transmission up to 100 feet. You can easily program the DVR to record security footage on a schedule, manually, or when it detects motion. Records up to 404 hours on common SD cards up to 32GB (sold separately). DVR provides notification when the SD card is nearly full, and it continues to record, but automatically overwrites, when the card is full. There’s a USB port for backup, download, and playback. You can expand your surveillance into one other area by adding a hardwired camera, such as an Indoor/Outdoor camera with IR LEDs or BoxCam Auto-Iris camera. Read more

Bring Innovative Technology and Affordability to Your Home Intercom System

August 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Comelit USA HFX-700R Hands-Free Video Intercom Kit with Audio and Video Recording
The Comelit HFX-700R Video Intercom Kit is convenient and easy to use providing your home or office the perfect door entry system. The HFX-700R safeguards entrances and allows video and audio verification before entry. It also provides ultimate flexibility, with out of the box features such as 2 wire installation, All-page intercom, manually adjustable camera angle and built-in door release capability. With added features such as Digital Pan Tilt Zoom, Audio Video recording on a micro-SD card (not included) and touch sensitive buttons with on screen display the HFX-700R is the complete package.

Communicating and verifying visitors has never been easier. The HFX-700R provides flexibility to expand multiple inside stations both audio and video units. The system allows the user a choice of expanding up to 4 inside stations. With the built-in All-Page feature, one can communicate via an All Page to indicate a broadcast which becomes a point to point communication when the call is answered.

Form and Function
The modern design of the HFX-700R provides the user with a stylish yet small form to suit any décor. The system enhances security while not interfering with the aesthetic of the home or office. The intuitive design of the inside stations has built in flashing lights which guide the users on various stages of communication. As an enhancement, the HFX-700R offers intuitive OSD user friendly icons for system operation.

Clear, Digital Viewing
The door camera station is equipped with both a 3.6mm wide angle lens for a clear, wide angle view of the door and white LED lights to accommodate any lighting environment. Each video monitor station is equipped with a digital 3.5″ LCD screen for a stunningly clear video from any angle.

Without jeopardizing safety, the HFX-700R allows you to answer the door or initiate a live viewing of the door camera from any video monitor on the system. It will record a video and audio clip with a date and time stamp onto the micro SD card (not included) each time the door camera station is activated by a visitor.

Easy Installation
The HFX-700R is arguably the easiest system on the marker to install. It’s a simple two-wire connection between the door camera and the master monitor station. Each expansion station requires an additional 2 wires and can be installed in daisy chain or home run configuration via an optional EX-Hub. Whether it’s a new installation or retrofit application, the HFX-700R can support wires from 18AWG up to CAT 5. Read more


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