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Wear All Your Important Files and Documents on your Shirt Sleeve

April 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Want to combine or reduce the amount of things you need to carry around? Want to have a unique conversation piece? These elegant yet functional Ravi Ratan Gold 2GB USB Drive Cufflinks are ready to answer your concerns. Keep all of your music, images, documents, and more within arms reach. The full function 2GB USB drive is securely hidden in the design of a single cufflink. When you require your data, simply slide the drive out and plug it in. Make it even more special by customizing the cufflinks with an engraving; great as gifts! With these cufflinks on your wrists, you will never be without functional fashion again.
Ravi Ratan RR-409-GL Gold 2GB USB Drive Cufflinks
Ravi Ratan RR-409-GL Gold 2GB USB Drive Cufflinks



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