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Fascinating Insight into the Daily Routines and Habits of the Amazing Ant

April 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Wild! Science WS1023 Eco Science Ant Mine



With the Eco Science Ant Mine from Wild! Science children will enjoy non-stop excitement as they help to unearth the many incredible secrets of the ant. Thought of as the world’s smallest engineers on-lookers will have an inside peak at the amazing feats of strength and coordinated efforts of ants in their daily routines. When in your house by choice ants will serve as a great pet because they are clean, cost very little to feed and are kept securely in their Ant Mine home. Ants are not included with the purchase of the Ant Mine however, upon setup of the Ant Mine structure regular garden ants from the yard will work perfectly. This product is designed for use by children ages 6 and older and should be done so under adult supervision. The Eco Science Ant Mine can be combined with other Eco Science kits to form your very own eco system.   Read More

Futuristic Ant Farm Offers Insights into the Daily Routines of ants

April 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Discover the amazing feats that ants accomplish day in, day out with the futuristic-looking Eco Science Ant-O-Sphere, 4-Pod from Wild! Science. With this fun and educational ant farm kids will learn first hand how truly incredible the world’s smallest engineers are by watching their daily routines unfold right before their eyes. The 4-Pod Eco Science Ant-O-Sphere mimics the typical layouts of leaf cutter ant colonies while the chambers and passageways are also life size. The ants will also be able to work uninterrupted during the course of the day due to the red pods and connector tubes. Ants perceive red light as darkness so these pods will make it so that you can see the ants working away but they won’t be able to see you. Though the Ant-O-Sphere does not come with ants, typical ants found in the yard will work perfectly with this ant farm. The Eco Science Ant-O-Sphere can even be combined with other Eco Science kits or other Ant-O-Spheres to form your very own eco system. Read More

Wild! Science WS1040 Eco Science Ant-O-Sphere, 4-Pod



  • 4-Pod anti-gravity ant world
  • Discover the incredible feats of ants
  • Watch the daily routines of the world’s smallest engineers
  • Can use ants from the garden
  • Connects with other Eco Science kits to form eco system

Dome Mirror is Fun to Look at From All Angles

April 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Children's Factory CF332-529 Convex Dome Mirror




  • Large 18 inch dome in the middle of the mirror
  • Unique reflections will stimulate a child’s mind
  • Mirror edges are laser cut to be smooth and safe
  • Helps develop curiosity and self awareness in child
  • Made in the USA


Entertaining a child can be a tough task but Children’s Factory is here to help not only capture but keep a child’s attention with their 18″ Convex Dome Mirror. It features a large mirrored dome in the middle of the actual mirror which is designed to create all types of reflections when viewing. The 18″ convex bubble makes it so every viewing angle will provide a unique reflection of the room and occupy the interest of a young child as they see the world around them in a different way. This mirror is designed to aide in the development of a child’s sense of curiosity and creativity while at the same time help them to build self awareness. This mirror is made of acrylic and all of the mirrors edges are laser cut leaving them smooth and safe to touch. Read More

Let Your Child’s Imagination Run Wild with This Unique Bean Bag Chair

April 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Children's Factory CF610-056 Tear Drop Bean Bag Chair, Rainbow




  • Special tear drop shape adds extra comfort
  • Durable enough to be moved from room-to-room
  • Promotes quiet time for reading and playing
  • Meets all CPSIA and ATSM safety standards
  • Gives your child a special seat of their own


Just as people come in all shapes and sizes, so should your child’s bean bag chair. With the Children’s Factory CF610-056 Tear Drop Bean Bag Chair in vibrant rainbow colors, your child can have a safe and comfortable recliner that is as special and unique as they are. The durable, double-stitched outside can go wherever your kid’s imagination takes them, whether it’s fort building, exploring new worlds in a book, and any other make believe. The tear drop shape adds extra head comfort for hours of comfortable reading time while the vinyl covering makes any “oops” easy to clean. Available in five different colors, this unique bean bag chair can be as special as your special little one.  Read More

Elegant Silver Mirrored Fountain Adds to the Decor of Any Room

April 4, 2012 Leave a comment

The soothing tranquil sounds of the Contempo Falls Luna 3 Foot Wall Water Fountain from Bluworld HOMelements will help to make any room or office a low stress environment. The peaceful sound of water will trickle down its silver mirror center panel which is surrounded by a stainless steel frame. Along with functioning like a traditional fountain the Luna will also serve as functional art creating conversation and accenting any room it’s in. The Contempo Falls Luna Fountain is designed for indoor use only.

Due to the relatively lightweight of the Contempo Falls Luna Fountain mounting directly into wall studs is not required though recommended if mounting location has them. If moving mounting locations it is important to ensure the fountain water has been drained prior to doing so and that the fountain is displayed indoors. Bluworld HOMelements suggest that installation of the Contempo Falls Luna Fountain will take roughly 30 minutes or less. Read More


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