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Monitor and Control the Heating and Cooling of a Home from Anywhere in the World

March 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Convenience in life, no matter how big or small is a great thing and with the LockState Connect LS-60i Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat regulating the temperature of a home has never been easier. This internet enabled thermostat can be controlled anywhere in the world from a Smartphone, laptop or computer as long as there is a valid internet connection. Being able to control this thermostat remotely via the internet also makes it an ideal choice for use with rental properties or second homes. Owners of rental properties can now have further control by setting heating and cooling programs that will save energy and monitor if settings are being adjusted or abused. Rental property owners also have the convenience of activating the thermostat for their guests, or themselves, just prior to arrival so that it can run in an energy saving setting when vacant or not at all. The Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat can also be setup to send alerts to notify when specified settings are either met or exceeded for further control. This will let you know if the device is being adjusted when it shouldn’t be or if there is a problem. Being alerted right away to a potential air-flow issue allows for it to be tended to rather than the thermostat overcompensating and leaving a large electricity bill in its wake.
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Control Your Ceiling Fan with a Thermostat

January 29, 2012 2 comments

Don’t just set your ceiling fan to its mid-speed setting and hope to be comfortable; you’ll waste energy running the fan motor when you don’t really need it. This fan control has a thermostat, which tells the fan when to run only when it’s needed. The control module is installed inside the junction box and the sensor module is placed on the ceiling adjacent to the fan. Use the remote control (included) to turn the fan on and off and adjust temperature settings. Save energy by recirculating the warm air that naturally rises to the top of a room, reducing the need to additional heat.

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Heat Your Home From the Floor Up!

January 7, 2012 Leave a comment

The QuickMat is a self-adhesive floor heating system, designed for tile or stone flooring projects. Easily install the QuickMat under your flooring to make your home’s heating system more energy-efficient and save you money. QuickMat consists of a specially-designed weave of protected electrical cables, designed to leave 75% of the flooring surface free for the tile’s adhesive. As a result, the floor heating unit will bond better to the sub-floor, so you’ll get a quality heating system without compromising the quality of your flooring installation. And you can save money by only installing QuickMat into rooms that are used most often, so you won’t waste energy heating rooms that no one will be in. With 15 Watts per sq. ft. the floor heating mats heat up quicker and produce a greater amount of heat without increasing your energy costs. The included programmable thermostat will allow control of the QuickMat with Economy, Comfort, and Vacation modes. The programmable thermostat controls every function of the electric underfloor heating system. The thermostat can be set to heat the floor of your room to different temperatures for every day of the week.

QuickMat utilizes the natural heat retention of your tiles or wood to dissipate the heat gradually and evenly throughout your flooring to warm your home from floor to the ceiling. Wall and ceiling vents are ineffective ways of heating your home. Once air blows out of the vent, it will naturally rise, moving the warm air towards the ceiling. And traditional floor vents can waste valuable floor space, forcing you to arrange your furniture around the vent to allow optimal air flow. QuickMat gives you the freedom to place your furniture anywhere you’d like and still keep the room at a comfortable and even temperature from the bottom to the top of the room. Read more

Save up to 15% of the energy your heating and cooling system uses!

December 21, 2011 Leave a comment

SchlageLiNK TZEMT400BB32MA Trane Z-Wave Remote Management Thermostat
Now you can use your SchlageLiNK network to help you save money. Your heating and cooling system likely uses about 40% of your annual energy consumption, and this networked thermostat can help you save up to 15% of that energy. It’s programmable like some other thermostats, but adds the convenience of using Z-Wave technology for monitoring and controlling your HVAC system from anywhere you can get an internet connection. Set your temperature low while everyone’s away, then use your smartphone to turn the system on just before you arrive home. The 128×64 pixel LCD screen displays time, room temperature, heating and cooling set points, and filter change and maintenance reminders, or you can set it to display only the ambient temperature. Temps can be displayed in either degrees F or C. There’s a graph to show system run time for the past week, so you can easily view how much you’ve been using the system and note your progress on saving energy. The thermostat has a built-in scheduling program for up to 4 events per day for all 7 days, but you typically would use your Z-Wave network to establish a schedule; the internal schedule is disabled by default. You can have it send email alerts to you for out of temperature range, keypad tampering, and filter/maintenance.

Not for use with radiant floor or wall systems. Dual fuel systems (for instance, heat pump with gas furnace) require a dual fuel accessory relay kit. May or may not be compatible with boilers, geothermal, or multi-zone systems. Read more

Your Personal Energy Network Solution – Thermostat, Connectivity Module and Web-portal

December 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Intwine Energy IECT-210 Wi-Fi Communicating Thermostat



The Intwine Energy IECT-210 Intwine Communicating Thermostat, Basic is a full-featured internet-connected programmable thermostat that offers affordable comfort at the click of a mouse. When programmed properly the IECT-210 is capable of saving homeowners 15-20% on heating and cooling costs or close to $200 annually (Energy Star). Realizing these savings has never been simpler with the ability to remotely monitor and control the IECT-210 with Intwine’s consumer web-portal and iPhone app! With the IECT-210 and Intwine’s connectivity solution, there is finally a completely flexible platform capable of simultaneously fulfilling the needs of both energy providers and consumers.

Remote Access and Control
The Intwine Energy IECT-210 Communicating Thermostat comes with a free basic monitoring services package – allowing you to check on your current energy status anytime from your computer or from a mobile device via a web portal. Additionally, the Intwine Energy IECT-210 Communicating Thermostat comes with a premium control service for free for 30 days upon registering through the web portal. After the first 30 days, an annual fee of $15 is required for the premium control service (but not the basic monitoring services); The premium control service is sold separately through Intwine Energy.

IECT-210 vs IECT-220
Intwine Energy also offers a variation of this thermostat, it is the Intwine Energy IECT-220 Wi-Fi Communicating Thermostat, sold separately. The IECT-220 has a larger touch-screen, and it displays on-screen text messages which allows it to act as an in-home display for other Intwine devices, while the IECT-210 does not have this capability. Also, the IECT-220 can send alerts when new HVAC products like air filters, etc. need to be purchased, while the IECT-210 cannot do this. The IECT-220 measures humidity while the IECT-210 does not. The IECT-220 supports up to 3 stages of heat and 2 stages of cool, while the IECT-210 only supports 2 stages of each.

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