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Easily move the heat from a fireplace or cool air from a window air conditioner to an adjacent room

March 6, 2013 1 comment

hpc_30311_030613Regulate a room’s temperature easily with the Thru-Wall Room-to-Room Fan. This variable-speed, in-wall ventilation system moves warm or cool air quietly and efficiently from a comfortable room to another, saving far more energy and money than installing space heaters or window air conditioners. The Thru-Wall Room-to-Room Fan installs in any frame wall from 3.75″ to 6.5″ thick. The 360-degree rotating grille can be painted to match your room’s décor. At high speed, the Thru-Wall Room-to-Room Fan moves up to 200 cubic feet of air per minute, 100 cubic feet of air on low speed. Simply turn a knob to adjust the speed. You can also adjust the rotating grille to change the airflow direction according to your comfort level.
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Increase the Airflow to Your Vents in Rooms that are Too Hot or Too Cold

October 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Tjernlund CBW Cyclone Booster Fan Plus with Built-in Thermostat, WhiteIs there a room in your house that is usually cooler or hotter than the others?

If so it is probably due to bad airflow from your vents. Airflow in central air homes weakens the further it travels through the ducts. The Tjernlund Cyclone Booster Fan Plus helps solves this problem. The Booster Fan boosts the idle air from vents outward into the rooms where it is needed most, making every room in your home equally comfortable. The innovative design features a built-in thermostat that senses heated or cooled air and turns the fan on and off automatically, lowering your heating and cooling costs year round. The Cyclone Booster Fan Plus helps SAVE ENERGY and MONEY, just set it and forget it.

  • Increases and maximizes ventilation in any room in your home
  • Fits in both 3 x 10 inch and 4 x 10 inch ducts
  • Works for all seasons whether you’re heating or cooling your house
  • Built-in thermostat senses hot or cold air
  • Angled fan blades pushes the air into the center of the room
  • Turns on and off automatically
  • Whisper-quiet operation

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Stop Heating and Cooling Empty Rooms and Evenly Balance the Temperatures in Your Home

May 23, 2012 Leave a comment

We all struggle with those rooms that never get the right amount of air and end up feeling much too cold or way too hot.. But if you are not ready for a fully automated HVAC system…then the Advector inVent-M/C-R1 inVENT Manually Adjustable Register for New Construction might be just what you need. Using aerodynamic principles to promote 360 degree airflow distribution, the Manually Adjustable inVENT provides for more comfortable and balanced feeling temperatures. The inVENT closing plate has a full range of motion between the open and closed position allowing you to decide how much conditioned air is directed at each room. Adjust the closing plate to the shut position and stop wasting money heating and cooling empty rooms…adjust the closing plate to the open position to redirect the conditioned air to where you need it most. The manually adjustable inVENT gives you the ability to regulate temperatures by controlling the amount of air that enters each room.
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Close your living room drapes from across the room

February 15, 2012 Leave a comment

20-Foot Fold-Out Curtain Rod Allows Remote Control of Drapes Up to 110 Pounds

Add-A-Motor 2000 IR Remote Control Drapery Kit, 20 Foot
Ideal for home theaters, hard-to-reach areas, or in any location that might impress your friends and neighbors, the 20-Foot Motorized Drapery Control replaces any existing track up to 20 feet long. Easy to set up and install, this automated curtain rod adds a motor to any center-opening drapes, stopping automatically at full open and closed or any intermediate position.

New Features and Benefits

  • New feature permits hardwire connection to 3rd-party devices that have timer controlled dry contact relays. These controllers can open and close drapery on a time schedule, and that can save energy at windows – enhance home security – mask theater screens – open a theater curtain while dimming the room lights, and more. Motor can also be controlled by IR emitter, and learning remote control.
  • Heavy duty motors offer quiet, reliable operation. Electronic adjustment can increase motor power to gather heavy fabric into a smaller pocket.
  • Precision engineered and approved for commercial & residential use. Supplied with roller-carriers for smooth operation. Carrier eyelets accept customer’s curtain pins and hangers.
  • Includes infrared (IR) remote control, batteries, wall control switch (no AC wiring needed), wall and ceiling mounting hardware, and UL listed AC-DC power supply with 12′ cord.
  • Hinged track is folded and packaged in a 66 x 4 x 4 inch carton to reduce shipping cost. Design offers easy installation. Simply “unfold” and tighten connecting-joints. Aluminum track can be cut to the desired length. Motor can be oriented on either end of track.
  • Ideal for home theatres, window treatments, church baptisteries, convention booth curtains.
  • Add-a-Motor quality, reliability and customer service. One-year warranty.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Here’s a Deal That Will Add Some Fire to Your Special Day

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Safety Pilot Kit With Remote

Price: Normally $304.00
Hot Deal $243.20

Installing a gas log set for your fireplace? Why not add a safety pilot system to control it? Made specifically for gas fireplaces with pilots that remain lit. Manual control is also possible. The gas log set is sold separately.  Read More


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