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Powerful Impact Sprinkler Head Allows for Smooth, Uninterruped, and Uniform Water Flow

March 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Orbit Irrigation 55100 Super-Jet Pop-Up Impact Sprinkler

  • ½-inch threaded side or bottom inlet
  • Coverage up to 40 feet in a partial to full circle
  • 3-inch pop-up height
  • Universal design fits with most impact and gear stream heads

This sprinkler head is designed to cover areas up to a 40 foot radius. The spray is adjustable from a partial to full circle. Standard ½-inch inlets and its universal design allow the sprinkler to be used as a replacement for just about any brand of impact or gear stream sprinkler head. Its special, flow-thru design allows enables superior performance, even with dirty water.

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Distribute Water up to 80 Feet to Keep Larger Lawns Green and Lush

March 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Orbit Irrigation 55025 Satellite II Plastic Pop-Up Impact Sprinkler

  • Covers areas up to 80 feet in diameter in a partial to full circle
  • 2.5-inch pop-up height
  • Use as a replacement for most impact and gear sprinklers
  • Works with both low and high pressure systems
  • Ideal for secondary watering systems
  • ½-inch threaded side inlet and ½-inch or ¾-inch bottom inlet

This impact sprinkler can spray water in a partial or full circle pattern, allowing you to place them in locations all over your lawn. Water is distributed up to 80 feet away. Easy to install, this sprinkler can be used with all pop-up or gear sprinklers. It also features anti-back splash water control arms and sand-proof wiper seals for positive retraction. Use the impact sprinkler in both low and high pressure systems or even as a secondary watering system. Constructed with a heavy-duty, UV resistant and non-corrosive canister with reinforced ribbed design, this sprinkler is built to provide superior and long-lasting performance. Read more

Plant Watering Has Never Been So Easy

January 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Claber 8057 Idris Automatic Plant Watering Kit
Claber 8057 Idris Automatic Plant Watering Kit
Claber 8057 Idris Automatic Plant Watering Kit


No more bulky watering cans or makeshift drip systems: with Idris you too can change the way you water your potted plants! Wherever there are potted plants, Idris will water them efficiently and without problems. Idris uses a handy 2 liter clear plastic reservoir to give your plants the precise amount of water they need.

Idris works by using four interchangeable drippers, each specifically designed to water to different types of plants at precise rates and volumes. An adjustable tripod ensures stability, and the reservoir’s top openingfeatures a filter and is designed for easy filling. Idris’ all-plastic construction means it will be unaffected by limescale and last forever.

Idris includes four differently coloured and easily identifiable drippers. You can select exactly the right amount of water for the growth and well being of your plants.

  1. Orange: 10 cl per day (minimal watering). For use with Cineraria, Nasturtium, Zinnia, Cactus, Poinsettia, Ivy, Sansevieria, Euphorbia, Tagetes, Fatsia
  2. Blue: 15 cl per day (medium watering). For use with Anthurium, Croton, Kenzia, Aspidistra, Dracena, Spatifi lum, Chamaedorea, Gardenia, Clivia, Jasmine
  3. Red: 20 cl per day (medium-heavy watering). For use with Asparagus Fern, Rubber Plant, Scheffl era, Camelia, Fuchsia, Yucca, Aralia, Calathea, Dieffenbachia
  4. Gray: 30 cl per day (heavy watering). For use with Azalea, Hibiscus, Begonia, Pothos, Bougainvillea, Rhododendron, Philodendron, Geranium, Hydrangea, Strelitzia

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Take a Vacation from Watering your Potted Plants

December 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Get the Claber 8053 Oasis Self Watering System. This is a one of a kind solution to the problem of watering up to 20 houseplants. If you are away from home for long or short periods of time you need an automated watering system. And if you are always home but just don’t want to hassle with daily watering this is the solution for you. This unit is completely independent and safe. No need to connect to a power outlet or waterline. Equipped with an electronic timer and bi-stable solenoid valve, the Oasis® guarantees calibrated water delivery to your plants for the entire program. Just fill the Oasis with water and select one of the 4 independent watering programs: 10, 20, 30 or 40 days. The Oasis runs on just one 9v battery and can last far beyond the 40 day cycle if refilled with water. Normally the Oasis Self Watering System retails for $89.98, to help you get organized for the new year we have lowered our price to $58.53. Go to today to take advantage of this great offer before it’s too late.

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Fix or Remove Broken Sprinkler Heads with Ease

December 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Orbit Irrigation 53027 Medium Area Aluminum Sprinkler Head Wrench

  • Use to install and remove sprinkler heads and nozzles
  • High-quality die-cast aluminum construction
  • Offers many years of dependable sprinkler system repair use

This Orbit 53027 aluminum head adjustment wrench sprinkler tool is used to install and remove sprinkler nozzles from pop-up sprinkler heads. With its high-quality die-cast metal construction, this sprinkler head wrench has many uses in sprinkler repairs and for sprinkler systems do-it-yourself projects. If you need to replace or install a pop-up nozzle from a spring-loaded sprinkler head, this is a tool you must have. The Orbit Sprinkler Wrench is easy to use and versatile in installing and replacing sprinkler system parts. Read more


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