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A Soap Dispenser that Teaches Your Kids to Thoroughly Wash Their Hands

January 20, 2013 Leave a comment

SoapTime STSS SquidSoap

  • Teaches children how to properly wash hands
  • Fun teaching method to promote good hygiene
  • Leaves ink dot on hand that cleans right off after 20 seconds of washing
  • Ink dot is temporary and FDA approved
  • Clean hands lead to healthier children

It’s flu season again and that means constantly reminding your children how important it is to wash their hands often and regularly. But how do you know if they’re washing their hands thoroughly enough?

The SoapTime SquidSoap comes with a built-in ink mechanism modeled after that of a real squid which is designed to force its users to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. Upon pressing down on the soap dispenser the SquidSoap bottle will mark the palm of your hand with an FDA approved temporary ink marker. This orange ink dot left on your palm can easily be removed by 20 seconds of good hand washing making it very clear to a child whether or not they washed their hands the proper amount of time. This soap will help instill in a child good hygiene as well as turn proper hand washing into a routine rather than an anomaly. Read More


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