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Water Defense Alarm Emits Audible Alert when Cable Detects Water

July 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Protect your home from water damage before it happens with Water Defense Water Alarm from Honeywell. The Water Alarm comes with a 4 foot long water sensing cable which is able to detect water along the entire length of the cable. If the cable detects water it will instantly emit an audible alarm to alert those around that there is a leak in the appliance(s) it is setup to monitor. An added feature with the Water Defense Water Alarm is that it is an expandable system. While it comes with a 4 foot long cable it is not limited to this if you want to use it to monitor a larger area. Water sensing cable extensions for this system can be added making it expandable up to 250 feet, expandable cable sold separately. The Water Alarm will also provide peace of mind when setup in areas that are not frequently observed such as water heaters and basement perimeters which could potentially go unnoticed for a time if a small leak were to start. The Water Defense Water Alarm base unit is powered by a 9V battery, sold separately, and the unit will emit an audible chirp to alert when the battery needs to be replaced.

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Send an Immediate, Accurate Alerts when Fluid Levels Rise

May 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Aleph America FS-3101 Fluid Level Sensor for Monitoring Increasing Fluid Levels

  • Hardwired accessory for security systems, alert systems or home automation systems
  • Sends a signal when fluid levels rise

Equip your home security system, alert system or home automaton system with this hardwired Aleph America FS-3101 Fluid Level Sensor. Typically used in areas where water exists, when fluid levels lower, the sensor sends a signal to your home security system, alert system or home automation system, letting you know of the change in condition. Aleph America also offers a Decreasing Fluid Level Sensor, sold separately. Read more

Stay Safe By Installing a Tire Pressure Monitor System in Your Car

May 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Minder Research TMG300C Tire Pressure Monitoring System for CarsThe government estimates that 25% to 33% of all the vehicles on the road have at least one tire that is dangerously under inflated. Being only 6 psi below the recommended pressure can cause a catastrophic blowout or loss of control. Even if you avoid a blowout, low pressure causes premature tire wear of up to 25% reduction in tire life, and consumes 5% more gas. And overinflation is nearly as bad, as it reduces the contact patch with the road, negatively affecting handling and braking. What’s the solution, other than driving yourself crazy checking your tire pressures every day? Install this Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and your car’s tire pressures are monitored all the time you are driving, and you will be alerted instantly if one (or more) tire loses pressure or if temperatures approach dangerous levels. Installation is super easy: charge the display, set the vehicle maker’s recommended pressures, then replace each tire’s valve caps one at a time as you program the display. That’s it! You can’t look at a tire and tell if it is inflated properly, but now you can look at your dashboard and know you’re safe.
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Add More Modules to Your Whole Home FloodStop System for Maximum Protection

April 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Onsite Pro XSM Extra Wireless Sensor Module Kit for Whole Home FloodStopThe Onsite Pro XSM Wireless Sensor Module Kit adds an extra level of security to your FloodStop system. The kit is compatible with the Whole Home Wireless FloodStop with 3/4 Inch Valve, 1 Inch Valve and 1 1/4 Inch Valve. You can add up to 31 modules to each Whole Home Wireless FloodStop System giving you the flexibility to protect every location where water damage can occur. These units are very easy to pair or sync to the FloodStop system, and takes only 1 minute to add.

The XSM Wireless Sensors Modules can be powered by four AA Batteries, (sold separately) or plug them in with the included wall adaptors. Note: If the sensors are plugged into AC, they also act as a signal repeater. Imagine, the more sensors you have the better the signal strength.

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Stop Sink Basin Leaks From Becoming a Disaster!

April 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Onsite Pro FS3/8CD Sink (Hot and Cold) FloodStop with 3/8 Inch Compression ValvesPrevent water damage from leaking sinks, basins, or any other items that use 3/8″ Compression fittings. This unit will detect a leak, sound an alarm, and automatically turn off the water supply to the offending appliance or pipe to prevent further damage. This unit can be easily installed in about 10 minutes.

Your sink may be a disaster waiting to happen unless you have protection. FloodStop protects your home 24 hours a day everyday. FloodStop automatically shuts off the water supply to the Sink, whether caused by a ruptured supply line, leaking garbage disposal or an overflow. Incorporate the Flood Stop into your INSTEON or X10 network – the control unit has two NC outputs and plugs with 6″ leads.


  • The FloodStop valves are connected directly to the angle stops and supply lines
  • Sensors are placed at the base of the fixture
  • Valves stay open until water loss is detected
  • Water on sensor closes FloodStop valves and sounds alarm
  • Valves stays closed until problem is attended to and system reset

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