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Compact Surge Protector is Ideal for Home and Travel

July 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Vulcan VPS11Q1PS Portable Surge Protector with Space-Isolated OutletsMost mini surge protectors are designed with side-by-side outlets with little space to accommodate larger power adaptors and allow you to fully utilize all their AC outlets. Many of today’s mini surge protectors also feature protruding fixed plugs that always seem to snag and poke inside your computer bag. Unlike most mini surge protectors, the Vulcan Portable Surge Protector has been designed with Space-Isolated Outlets that actually allow you to use all its AC outlets at the same time – even with bulky power adaptors. With its Foldable Plug design, the Vulcan Portable Surge Protector is truly portable. Dual USB Charging Ports provide additional flexibility for charging iPhones, iPads, tablets and other electronic devices.

Feature Description
Three Space-Isolated Outlets: The unique Space-Isolation Outlet design positions each outlet independent of each other in order to maximize usage of all outlets at the same time – even with bulky power adaptors.
Two USB Charging Ports: High power USB power output at 1500mA provides even more versatility to charge your smart phones, tablets and other portable electronics.
Foldable Plug: Designed for easy portability, the plug folds for convenient storage and transport.
Integrated Surge Protection: Safely charge your devices with 612 joules of protection.

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8-Outlet Surge Protector Detects Current Changes and Protects All Your Plugged In Devices

July 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Acoustic Research AR08 8-Outlet EcoFicient Office Power Conditioner
Your PC, laptop, printer, scanner and other office components consume energy even when they’re in standby mode. The 6-Outlet EcoFicient Office Power Conditioner from Acoustic Research manages the outlets and automatically detects and reduces the amount of standby power used by energy-wasting devices. Connect your PC or laptop to the EcoFicient outlet, and your peripherals into managed outlets. Turn your computer off, and devices connected to the managed outlets will automatically be powered down to eliminate wasteful standby energy use. The 8-Oulet Power Conditioner has 1 EcoFicient outlet and 3 managed outlets.

Most network card or modern damage can be prevented if you connect the CAT5 or CAT6 cable through the surge protector. The Ethernet network data connection allows you to pass the connection through the surge protector and into your modem or PC. This surge protector is complete with 2 USB charging inputs and are optimized for charging Apple devices at 2.1 amps.

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Portable Battery Backup Can Charge your iPhone or other Smartphone up to 8 Times

June 25, 2012 Leave a comment

The TekNmotion PowerMotion 12000 is an external portable battery backup solution for all your portable digital devices. It allows you to power and/or charge most smart phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3/MP4 players, tablets, cameras/camcorders, PSP, or other portable electronic devices anywhere, anytime.

The PowerMotion 12000 has 12000mAh battery capacity, which is enough to charge an iPhone 8 times, or enjoy music on your iPhone for up to 280 Hrs. It also includes LED power indicator lights that display the Powermotion 12000’s remaining battery charge. This charger also has 2 USB sockets for your 5V portable device, and a complementary DC socket for your 9-12V device. A USB cable with both Mini USB and Micro USB tips, a Nokia mobile phone tip, a LG mobile phone tip, and a Samsung mobile phone tip is included.

The PowerMotion 12000 has multiple outlets that let you charge multiple devices simultaneously. Charge your digital camera, your cell phone or iPhone, and your iPad or other tablet at the same time. The 12000mAh lithium battery with aluminum housing and sleek design provides enough power to keep any mobile device running.
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Eco-Friendly Solution for Charging your iPhone or iPod

June 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Bracketron UGC-387-BL Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger (30-Pin)

Help save the planet…one charge at a time! The Mushroom GreenZero Travel Charger features an exclusive GreenZero Technology – the most eco-friendly way to charge mobile devices while totally eliminating the wasteful stand-by consumption (Zero stand-by power) that other chargers consume when left plugged in. The Mushroom GreenZero automatically shuts off with zero standby power when your device is fully charged, saving energy, (up to 30% less power to charge) and lengthening the life of your battery by limiting the top-off charging time.
  • Unique design features one-click charging
  • Automatically shuts off with zero idle power when device is fully charged
  • Portable design to take with you and charge on the go
  • Included cord winder for tangle-free cable storage and transport
  • Apple 30-Pin version male connector cable

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Recharge up to 200 Different Devices with this One Power Adapter

Xtreme 88990 90 Watt Universal Laptop Charger
Let’s face it, charging adapters seem to be the bane of our digital lifestyle these days. For every device we own, there is a unique charger that goes with it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had just one charging adapter to take care of all your recharging needs? The folks over at Xtreme have heard your cries and bring to you a 90 Watt Universal Laptop Charging beast which can adapt to over 200 different connection types. This handy dandy universal charger even features a USB connection which allows you to charge most portable devices such as your mobile phone. That’s pretty universal. Its small design allows for easy transport and storage while the integrated LED status light let’s you know it’s doing its job. This device gets better with over-charge protection and Automatic Short Circuit/Reverse Polarity Protection making for a feature rich Universal Charger.
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