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Save Energy with Timed Power

December 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Belkin F7C009 Conserve Socket - Power Timer
The Easy Way to Save Energy – Many of the electronics and appliances around your home use electricity even when they’re not in use – wasting energy and driving up your electric bill. The Conserve Socket Power Timer automatically shuts off power – including standby power – to your electronics and appliances after a time interval you select, to help you save energy.

Use It Anywhere in Your Home – The Conserve Socket can be used with curling irons, clothes irons, toaster ovens, coffeemakers and space heaters to save energy and make your home safer. Use with lighting, fans and heaters to limit the electricity they use. Eliminate standby power when charging mobile phones, MP3 players, Bluetooth devices and digital cameras.

Your Time, Your Choice – Choose between three settings: 30 minutes, 3 hours and 6 hours – with the touch of a switch.

Eliminate Standby Power – When the selected time interval runs out, the power shuts off automatically. The Conserve Socket itself uses no power when not in operation, so standby power is eliminated

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Turn Your Computer Peripherals On or Off Using Only Your PC’s Main Power Switch

August 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Hobbes Innovation PG-2001LF/AU Mini Power Minder
With the Hobbes Innovation Mini Power Minder you can automatically turn on or turn off your PC’s peripherals with your computer’s main power switch. Just turn on your computer as you normally would, Mini Power Minder circuit sends an “On” signals to a secondary socket which will automatically switch on any plugged-in peripherals like your monitor, printer, modem, and scanner.

If you need extra sockets for additional peripherals, you can use a regular power strip as an extension by plugging the power cable of the power strip into the socket marked secondary. When you turn the computer off, Power Minder will send an “Off” signal to the other power sockets, turning off any attached peripherals.

Power Guard has built in Power Minder technology which prevents you from accidentally leaving on your monitor and other peripherals while the computer is not in use. This feature saves time and money as well as preventing extra wear and tear on your equipment.

Surge protector (line to neutral, line to ground, neutral to ground)
Mini Power Minder has unique feature called “Power Minder Control” that causes the secondary socket to turn on/off while you are booting up or shutting down your PC
The “Power Minder Control” feature means that the busy PC user no longer has to remember to manually shut down their peripherals

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Leave your Home Theater, Computer and Gadgets Plugged-in Without Wasting Electricity

May 26, 2012 1 comment

Bits Limited LPG3 10-Outlet Smart Power Strip Surge Protector and Charging Station

The Bits Limited LPG3 10-Outlet Smart Power Strip Surge Protector and Charging Station was designed to turn off all auto-switching outlets when all connected batteries and battery chargers are completely charged. This saves you money on your electric bills and extends the life of your batteries. It features 10 outlets; three ‘Constant Hot’ outlets that always receive power when the strip is on and seven ‘Charging’ outlets. Stop wasted power from your AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt battery rechargers, cell phones, smart phones, iPods MP3 players and much more. It has 1950 joules of surge protection and provides 3-way, 6000V and 85500A of protection. With the powerful surge protection and an award-winning ergonomic design; attention to detail shines through every inch, from the plug shape to the recessed power switch.

What Can I Save Money On?
The Smart strip can be used to save energy on computer systems, office setups and home entertainment systems mostly. They can also be used to automate lights & vacuums on your shop equipment and various other situations around homes and offices. With our wide variety of models and uses the Smart Strip can be a valuable asset to any home or office. Explore all models and ask us questions to find the best fit for you so you can start saving energy and money!

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Protect your Components While Eliminating Standby Vampire Power Consumption

Coleman Cable 04946 10-Outlet Smart Strip Surge Protector
All electronics draw some power even when they are in sleep mode or turned off. For example, a computer monitor uses up to 30 watts even in sleep mode (vampire power consumption). That adds up to about $2.19 a month or about $26.67 a year in energy costs.

Other computer peripherals and home entertainment equipment can draw over 50 watts when off. It is easy to see that the energy being consumed by all of your sleeping electronics really adds up. The advanced technology in Coleman Cable 04946 10-Outlet Smart Strip combines surge protection with automatic power control. It automatically turns off power to printers, DVD players, and other electronics when they are not in use, saving electricity and money – it pays for itself in energy savings in as fast as a few months. Being green just got easier!

How it Works
The Smart Strip senses the electricity flowing to the main outlet, and when there is a decrease in current flow, it automatically turns off power going to the energy-saving controlled outlets. So when the main component that is plugged into the master outlet turns off or goes into sleep mode, the Smart Strip will turn off the controlled outlets saving money and energy.
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Save Energy and Save Money by Turning Your TV Completely Off

March 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Plug your TV into the Save A Watt and eliminate all power consumption while it’s not being used. Uses your normal TV remote to turn your TV all the way off – no standby power drain. Plug your subwoofer into it and have your sound system’s remote turn the sub truly off when you’re not shaking the floor. Aside from saving energy and money, you also remove a potential shock or fire hazard. Read more


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